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Update Your Office with These Upcoming Trends for 2019

Office Trends 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to update yourself on what to expect for your company in the new year. Businesses and trends change every year and it is always best to adapt to better your employees and operations.

Overall, a lot of 2019 trends involve a transformation of your office space. By switching up furniture arrangements and adding specific elements to make it a more efficient space.

Below we have listed some of the top expected office trends 2019:

Open Plan Offices

In 2019 we are expecting a sudden rise in open plan offices, knocking down the barriers in team collaboration. Removing desk divisions and creating a clear, open space can ease lines of communication, promote team work and encourage relationship building.

An open plan layout will also encourage employees to move away from their desks to walk over to the photocopier, coffee machine and storage units. Giving employees this reason to move around a few times a day can provide them with the short break they need from sitting at a desk.

Increased Mobility

The increasing use of laptops, tablets and cloud storage allows employees in modern businesses to complete their work on the go. With the convenience of not being sat behind a desk the entire working day, it also allows managers to be more flexible with their office layout.

Increasing the mobility of your work space can call for more communal working areas to boost team collaboration. This will provide teams with a more relaxed area to focus on upcoming projects.

Greener Offices

With the increasing concern for the environment, more homes and offices are searching for eco-friendly alternatives. Introducing office plants has been known to increase productivity, clean office air and reduce sickness and absence.

At the University of Technology in Sydney, their research found that office plants encouraged:

  • 37% less anxiety and tension
  • 38% less fatigue
  • 44% less anger and hostility
  • 58% less depression or dejection

Recreational Areas

Continuing from creating more relaxed work spaces, recreational areas will soon be in demand. With millennials taking a higher percentage of jobs as the years go by, new work priorities will be set in place.

Recreational areas will be essential for providing a space for employees to go away from their work schedule. Somewhere where they can clear their mind and recharge for a few minutes before returning to their duties.

These areas can be made up of cosy furniture, making employees feel at home with sofas, beanbags, coffee machines, vending machines, large cushions and games.

For More Information

At Discount Office UK we have a catalogue of office furniture and equipment to help you upgrade your office ready for the new year. With office transformations our team are here to help throughout the planning, purchasing and installation stages.

To discuss your order or project, call free on 0800 298 57 42 to speak to a member of the team.

New Year: Restock and Prepare Your Office For 2019

prepare your office

New Year is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts, so in terms of your business it’s time to review your company goals and evaluate your progress so far.

Look into setting New Year resolutions to keep your team motivated with targets to aim for, but remember, the key to success is to be prepared!

As the old saying goes: “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.


  1. Stock up on equipment

Before getting into Christmas holiday mode organise and restock your office ready to kickstart 2019 at full speed. Assign each department with a list so they can record what needs to be re-stocked, ready for a large order. Remember not to forget any equipment you have been meaning to stock that keeps dropping to the bottom of your to-do list.

Stationary, folders, printer toners and cartridges are always great to buy in bulk, so you always have spares. This approach also saves taking time out of your working day to collect some at retail price from a local store. Larger office furniture such as desks and cabinets can also be a good addition for the New Year in order to upgrade your office space.


  1. Enforce a new schedule

Monitor your progress throughout 2019 to identify potential threats and opportunities early for more efficient progress. Efficient monitoring can be completed during routine team meetings, where each department joins together to discuss their progress and concerns.

To keep your team informed, employ the use of an office wall calendar or provide 2019 diaries for each department. This will help them to keep track of upcoming deadlines and other corporate events.


  1. Consider employee promotions

Make 2019 the year of progression for some of your employees by considering if there are any deserved promotions. Think of who has continued to surpass their targets, demonstrated dedication by volunteering for overtime or joined at the start of the year and shown real progress.

Promotions are fantastic for recognising employee performance and commitment, as well as being great for employee retainment and motivation. It also provides employees something to aim for, knowing there is chance for career progression.


  1. Reorganise your space

A clear space creates a clear mind. Organising your cabinets can keep operations running smoothly to help employees keep on track after a long Christmas break. Having a thorough re-organisation session can also make employees feel accomplished, on track and more productive.

You may even consider completely rearranging your office. An open office plan can be achieved by ditching desk dividers and moving storage units to the edges of the room. This has been known to encourage teams to be more collaborative and form more convenient lines of communication.


  1. Don’t leave it too late

Start 2019 feeling prepared and refreshed by not leaving your equipment restock until the very last minute. Get ahead today by placing your order a couple weeks early to make 2019 your best year for business yet!


At Discount Office UK we supply a wide range of office stationery and equipment to prepare you for the year ahead. We also offer a lowest price 100% guarantee, so you always know you are getting the best deal when shopping with us.

For assistance, please call free on 0800 2985742.

Can New Office Furniture Improve Your Workplace?

Creating a positive office environment is essential to any successful business, with many factors contributing to making a workplace a happier and more productive place to be.

New furniture can play an important role when looking to make improvements, helping to enhance the look and feel of an office and add comfort for both employees and visitors.

Here we look at just a few ways that purchasing new furniture for an office can help to improve the atmosphere and efficiency of your working environment.

office furniture


If the furniture in your office is outdated or unsightly this is likely to have adverse effect on the general appearance of the work space. Choosing to install new furnishings offers the opportunity to add a different range of colour and style to your office and create a more modern and galvanising work environment.

Creating space

When looking to utilise the space available in a business premises, choosing the right office furniture is an important factor. Whatever the shape or size of your office, selecting new furnishings offers the chance to use floor space more efficiently. This allows businesses to better optimise each area of an office, helping to ease common operational issues such as low desk capacity.

Health and safety

Older furnishings such as desks, chairs and filing systems are likely to have suffered from years of wear and tear, so unstable or malfunctioning items can become a significant health and safety risk. It is recommended that businesses invest in replacing faulty office furniture in order to prevent injuries and avoid other issues such as fire safety standards.


Improving the general appearance and functionality of an office space is proven to have a positive influence on employee morale. This helps to make them happier and more focused in the workplace and often leads to increased efficiency.

How can we help?

Discount Office UK have more than 17 years of experience providing high-quality office supplies, with a fantastic range of furniture available to fit the needs of your business.

If you would like to talk about your office furniture needs, please give us a call on 0800 298 5742.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Office Practices Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendly

With new innovations making daily life a little greener, being environmentally friendly has never been easier. But being eco-friendly should not stop at home, so how you can we adapt our office practices?

  1. Use Recycled Resources

At Discount Office, we provide a wide range of recycled products ready to stock your office. Our innovative Recycled Office A4 Paper is 100% recycled to make your photocopying that extra bit greener.

Our Begreen BPE-GP Ballpoint pens are also composed of 100% recycled plastic, with an advanced oil-based ink for smooth writing.

  1. Turn Off Electronics

In an office with lots of computers, laptops, lights and more, it’s easy to over-do it with the electricity! So, after working hours try to switch off all electronics, giving your devices a break and helping the environment whilst lowering your electricity bills.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Whatever products you use on a regular work day, try to think about whether you really need it or if you can complete the task without it. If you do, consider if there are any ways you can reuse the item or if it can be recycled.

For example, when taking notes for a meeting you can always type them up on a tablet rather than jotting them down on a piece of paper. But if you do choose the paper option, when your notes are no longer needed, create a scrap paper pile for people to use the same piece of paper to jot down their own notes to save them using a clean piece.

Eventually, when no space is left, it can be recycled appropriately!

  1. Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to non-toxic cleaning, so switching over ensures a sparkling clean office whilst protecting the Earth and your colleagues!

You could also think about stocking staff kitchens with eco-friendly products such as reusable cleaning cloths rather than paper towels, or use glass cups instead of plastic at the water fountain.

Finally, consider the wide range of Fairtrade and organic food and beverages available as an environmentally friendly alternative to your everyday products.

  1. Commuting

Encourage your employees to reduce their carbon footprint by introducing them to alternative methods of transport, such as carpooling, cycling or public transport.

There are lots of schemes your company could get involved with to help promote this, such as the Cycle to Work Scheme.

Find out more

To stock your office with eco-friendly suppliers to keep your operations green, browse our recycled range today.

Stationary Essentials for the New University Year

As we approach the new academic year it is important for students to be well prepared for the demands of the university calendar.

An important consideration is being fully stocked up when it comes to the stationary essentials needed for study and turning in those essential assignments and dissertations.

Here we look at just a few of the items that can be bought ahead of the new term, making sure students are all stocked up and ready for academic success!

stationery essentials for University

Pens and Pencils

Though the majority of modern students use computers or other electric devices in their studies, there is still plenty of use for pens and pencils when it comes to note-taking and revision. Stock up now to make sure you are never caught short.


Notebooks and Pads

Now we have the pens and pencils all sorted, you’ll need something to write on! Writing pads and note books are really useful in the everyday life of a student, easy to carry around and perfect for jotting down important information wherever you are.



Having a personal printer can be very useful for students, especially when it comes to preparing documents for assignments. Stocking up on essential accessories such as ink, paper and toner is highly recommended and can save a last-minute rush to use a copier or library printer.


Wall Planners and Diaries

With a mix of educational, employment and social commitments students enjoy a busy schedule, so it’s important to be organised and plan ahead. Wall Planners and Diaries offer a useful and very visual way for university students to stay up to date and keep all bases covered.


Flash Drives

With the majority of students using personal computers to prepare university assignments, portable Flash Drives have become an essential way to transfer information. Offering safety and security, Flash Drives also provide an important way of backing up important work.


How can we help?

Discount Office UK have more than 17 years of experience providing high-quality office supplies to help students and educational facilities. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service and, as a result, we’ve built up a loyal customer base whose testimonials speak for themselves.

If you would like to talk about stationery and supplies for the new academic year, please give us a call on 0800 298 5742.

Why Summer Is the Time to Stock Up on Office Supplies

office supplies

Spring has not long past, which for a lot of you will mean your spring cleaning has not long been completed. With your newly organised office, clean from clutter and free of mess, it’s time to restock on a few office supplies to complete your Spring clean ready for the Summer.

5 Reasons to Re-Stock on Office Supplies During the Summer:

  1. Back to School Season

With children preparing to return to school in September, suppliers are helping parents and teachers to get ready with plenty of stock and a wide range of it too. Packaging, filing, writing tools, security and more, we have everything your school office needs

  1. End of Summer Holidays

Stocking up on office supplies during the Summer also allows you to prepare when business picks up again in September, when children return to schools and your clients and staff, who are working parents, are ready to get going again.

  1. Completing Your Spring Clean

Once the clutter is clear and your cupboards are reorganised from your annual spring clean, it’s time to restock. This can be on stationery you are running low on or equipment you have been meaning to order to boost productivity but haven’t found the time to do it yet.

  1. Motivate Your Team

When staff can feel the heat and see the sun shining right outside their window, it can be a demotivator whilst working. However, seeing lots of new stationery and the office having a mini-refurb can provide staff with a bit more motivation and energy to climb through their work load.

  1. Keeping Organised

Having a complete restock of office supplies may motivate yourself and your team to keep the office organised. For example, keeping everything appropriately filed in new folders, remembering to take notes during meetings with ink pens and clear notepads and presenting it all nicely on a clutter free desk.

Here at Discount Office UK we supply everything your office and team could possibly need for maximum productivity. Bulk buy stationery and equipment this Summer at generous prices to complete your office clean.

We also supply delivery free of charge on all orders £35 (ex VAT) and over. To browse our catalogue of office supplies visit our website today!

5 key considerations for office planning

Whether your business is moving into new premises or you are re-organising the current set-up in your workplace, office planning is a key consideration.

Here we look at a few essential factors to think about when setting up an office space that can help you get the most out of your work surroundings.


It’s important to consider the office space you have available and work out what you can achieve with the square-footage provided. Choosing the right furniture can play an important role in optimising the space you have on offer and can help to make a crowded office seem far more spacious and airy!


Always consider the comfort of employees when you are planning the layout of your new office. It’s essential that your workplace isn’t too crowded and provides ample room for staff to move around the office and have easy access to kitchen and bathroom facilities.


The vast majority of offices require considerable storage space in order to keep important documents and materials safe and secure, so it’s important to consider how units such as filing cabinets and bookcases can fit into a work space and to understand how much space they are likely to take up.


It can be difficult to judge the acoustics of an office environment, but forward planning can make a significant difference. Consider where departments such as telephony will be based within your office and where different teams and departments should be best placed within your workspace.

Health and Safety

Making sure that health and safety regulations are met is one of the most important elements of office planning. Choosing an appropriate office layout is essential to making sure trip hazards and other safety issues are avoided and that easy access is created for all emergency exits.

Get in touch

The team at Discount Office UK offer a specialised Office Planning service to help businesses to find the best solutions for their workspaces whilst meeting all of their furnishing needs. To find out more, please call our friendly team today on 0800 2985742.

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Home and Office Workstations

Whether you work at home or in an office environment there are some essential desk items you are always likely to need. Here we look at just a few of the office accessories to consider when stocking up your remote or office-based workstation.

Pens and pencils

ballpoint pens

These may be considered the most basic of office items, but we all need a pen or pencil at some point or other! Stocking up on these office essentials is unlikely to be very expensive, with bulk purchases saving you money and making sure that you’re never caught short when you need to scribble down a message or take down some notes.

Flash Drives

Modern office desktops are largely computer focused so the ability to store, save and move documents from your PC or laptop is increasing important. Flash Drives offer a quick and compact method of keeping your data safe, especially when you work between different office spaces.

Printing Paper

Printing paper

If you have a printer or copier at home or in your office premises, you’ll be aware that printing paper has a nasty habit of running out! Stocking up is a great idea and is surprisingly affordable when purchased in bulk, especially if you work in an environment that requires a high amount of printed materials.


From lamps and phone handsets to computer equipment and wall-clocks, there are a large amount of important desktop items that require battery power. We offer a great range of Duracell battery options suitable for most appliances and with some excellent discounts.

Waste bins

Wherever your work station is based, waste bins are pretty much essential for avoiding clutter and a build-up of unwanted paperwork. Making a modest investment in a bin for your office space may have a positive effect on your productivity!

How can we help?

Discount Office UK have more than 17 years of experience providing high-quality office supplies to keep businesses running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service and, as a result, we’ve built up a loyal customer base whose testimonials speak for themselves.

If you would like to talk about stationery and supplies for your new office space, please give us a call on 0800 298 5742.

Office Supplies Hacks to Help You Be More Productive at Work

office supplies

We’ve all been there.  Lingering at the stationery cupboard wondering what an earth we came over for, or idly tapping our fingers on the desk because we can’t remember where we filed something.  Familiar as it may sound, disorganisation may be one of the key reasons why you’re not getting everything done in a typical working day.  So what kind of office supplies and processes do you need to invest in to make you more productive?


We reveal our top five hacks:


Buy Good Storage

The best way to be organised at work is by having somewhere to keep your stuff – from paper to envelopes, ink cartridges to personal belongings, having furniture around you that also doubles up as or features storage capacity can help you to be more efficient.  Remember too that with the new data protection regulation coming into force in the EU in May 2018, you’ll need to demonstrate that any client data you hold is kept safely and securely, so if you are in charge of any important documents, ensure your storage is sturdy, lockable and accessible only by you or other keyholders.


Keep a bin handy

Desks too often become overcrowded with rubbish, empty wrappers and papers that you no longer need, making it hard to find the things you really need to get your job done.  You might think you’ll ‘get around to it’ but if you don’t keep a bin handy, it will be all too easy to just leave the rubbish where it is.  If you and your company are committed to being green, why not have two bins – one for regular rubbish and one for recycling?


Divide up your workspace

Just as you can divide your rubbish up into different bins, so too can you compartmentalise your workspace to enable you to switch easily between tasks.   If, like many people, your job involves digital and non-digital activity – i.e. tasks you need to do on the computer and tasks that need pen and paper – then setting aside space to do each properly can save you time and focus your mind on the task in hand.


Clear the clutter

Whether it’s empty cups or computer cables, it all contributes to an untidy workspace.  Not only are you increasing the risk of damage to yourself and giving germs and open invitation to breed, but by not keeping your desk tidy, you’ll be hampering your own creativity and focus.  Tidy desk, tidy mind ?


Organise your office supplies

No workplace is complete without a supply of stationery and office supplies.  Whether it’s pens and pencils, staplers, glue, scissors or printer consumables, we all need somewhere to store the essentials in such a fashion that they can be retrieved in an emergency i.e. prior to a meeting that you are already late for, or at 4.55pm on a Friday when you just need to finish something before you knock-off for the weekend!  Invest in a desk tidy, pedestal with drawer inserts, filing cabinet or storage baskets to keep everything you need close to hand and organised into separate sections.


Once your workspace is organised, you’ll be needing to stock up on office supplies, so speak to the friendly team at Discount Office on 0800 298 5742 for help in choosing what you need.

National Stationery Week 2018

National Stationery Week

As we approach National Stationery Week, hosted on 23rd – 29th April 2018, we reflect on the importance of penmanship. This week is a celebration of writing by hand and providing communities with the opportunity to discuss their favourite products and retailers to encourage more people to pen letters by hand again.

But why is it so important to continue writing by hand?

  1. Cognitive Advancements

Despite fast typing being a skill that’s easy to acquire, it isn’t the most efficient for your memory. Handwriting letters, reports and revision notes allows you to absorb the information a lot easier. This is because your brain can summarise and comprehend information more effectively when it’s committed to writing them down, as you have more time to focus.

  1. Learning to Read

Learning to handwrite is believed to make learning to read a much easier experience.

At Aix-Marseille University, Marieke Longchamp and Jean-Luc Velay conducted an experiment on 76 children, aged 3-5 years old. Their results showed that the children who were taught to write letters by hand found it easier to recognise them compared to the group that learnt to type on a computer. They also conducted a similar experiment on adults and found the same response.

This demonstrates the close link between reading and handwriting and how it can open up many learning opportunities that a keyboard can’t as easily. And as modern curriculums begin to focus more on computing over handwriting, it grows the concern on how difficult future generations will find learning to read.

  1. Greater Graphic Freedom

For many people, your art can only be as good as your canvas. So, when comparing pen on paper over print on a screen, there’s a big difference when it comes to design limits.

Claire Bustarret, a specialist on codex manuscripts at the Maurice Halbwachs Research Centre, discusses the difference between the two medias. With a computer, you can change the size, fonts and colours, but it’s very restrictive when trying to create a form that isn’t already available on the system. Whereas, with writing on paper you have the freedom to create literally any style you desire with very few limitations, therefore granting you greater graphic freedom.

This also provides you the space to be more creative. When using a paper canvas, it encourages your brain to slow down and analyse the bigger picture. As well as inspires you to consider more abstract concepts using basic shapes and phrases.

Here at Discount Office UK we still believe in the power of handwriting, as the uniqueness and personal touch from penning a letter simply cannot be replaced by robotic, standardised typing. We supply a wide range of Stationery to cater to ever writer and business eager to keep the tradition alive. Visit our website to view our full range and for more benefits of handwriting, view our previous post.