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Why Everyone Should Turn to Paper for Their 2016 Year Planners and Diaries

It goes without saying that this is the age of the smartphone. More and more people feel that to be without their smartphone or tablet for a day would be like losing a limb or even like being without a part of their brain. Our smartphones are quite capable of keeping track of our daily schedules and helping us to stay on top of tasks, but there are many reasons why paper still has many advantages.

The act of inputting your information into a digital calendar app can often be quite fiddly, to the point where you will often write down an important date or appointment as a reminder to add it to your smartphone. On a regular basis, when you check a calendar notification, you will likely find that several other alerts and messages are also there to distract you and vie for your attention.

We have put together a list of 3 reasons why our 2016 desk diaries, desk diaries and staff planners are the best way to keep your home and work life in order:

Writing helps us to remember things better

When it comes to making sure you will remember something, whether it is something rather mundane or something really important, it always helps to write it down. Whilst you could type a note on your phone and add it to your calendar, writing it down seems to stay in the mind for longer. Whilst a smartphone will keep your note in its memory for as long as you need it, there’s a good chance that the same note will not stay in your own memory for very long.

You can find the information you need at a glance

One of the best things about a paper year planner or staff planner is that you can look up important dates at a glance rather than having to delve deep into an app to find the right dates. By pinning a planner to your home or office wall, dates are plain to see. This can be particularly helpful for planning staff holidays – almost any business can’t afford to have too many members of staff from the same department on annual leave at the same time and the easiest way to prevent this from happening is to put all holidays on a staff planner. This way all staff can quickly check the planner before booking annual leave and then note their holiday time down on the same sheet, rather than sending emails and notifications round to other members of staff.

Paper is much more accessible

As useful as smartphones and other technology can be for keeping us organised, simply put, paper will always be more accessible. Not everybody is technically minded and for some, using a smartphone is far from second nature. The truth is, it usually takes a few steps to open up a digital calendar to the right place and then a further few steps to input the right information. A desk diary on the other hand, can simply be opened up and scribbled in.

At Discount Office UK, we can provide 2016 diaries in both A4, A5 and pocket sizes to best suit how you will use it. Rather than worrying about changing the settings of your smartphone calendar, you can simply choose whether you would prefer a week to view or day per page option.

To find out our best prices on 2016 desk diaries, year planners and staff planners, call us today on 0800 298 57 42.

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