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5 key considerations for office planning

Whether your business is moving into new premises or you are re-organising the current set-up in your workplace, office planning is a key consideration.

Here we look at a few essential factors to think about when setting up an office space that can help you get the most out of your work surroundings.


It’s important to consider the office space you have available and work out what you can achieve with the square-footage provided. Choosing the right furniture can play an important role in optimising the space you have on offer and can help to make a crowded office seem far more spacious and airy!


Always consider the comfort of employees when you are planning the layout of your new office. It’s essential that your workplace isn’t too crowded and provides ample room for staff to move around the office and have easy access to kitchen and bathroom facilities.


The vast majority of offices require considerable storage space in order to keep important documents and materials safe and secure, so it’s important to consider how units such as filing cabinets and bookcases can fit into a work space and to understand how much space they are likely to take up.


It can be difficult to judge the acoustics of an office environment, but forward planning can make a significant difference. Consider where departments such as telephony will be based within your office and where different teams and departments should be best placed within your workspace.

Health and Safety

Making sure that health and safety regulations are met is one of the most important elements of office planning. Choosing an appropriate office layout is essential to making sure trip hazards and other safety issues are avoided and that easy access is created for all emergency exits.

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The team at Discount Office UK offer a specialised Office Planning service to help businesses to find the best solutions for their workspaces whilst meeting all of their furnishing needs. To find out more, please call our friendly team today on 0800 2985742.

Must-Have Desk Accessories for Home and Office Workstations

Whether you work at home or in an office environment there are some essential desk items you are always likely to need. Here we look at just a few of the office accessories to consider when stocking up your remote or office-based workstation.

Pens and pencils

ballpoint pens

These may be considered the most basic of office items, but we all need a pen or pencil at some point or other! Stocking up on these office essentials is unlikely to be very expensive, with bulk purchases saving you money and making sure that you’re never caught short when you need to scribble down a message or take down some notes.

Flash Drives

Modern office desktops are largely computer focused so the ability to store, save and move documents from your PC or laptop is increasing important. Flash Drives offer a quick and compact method of keeping your data safe, especially when you work between different office spaces.

Printing Paper

Printing paper

If you have a printer or copier at home or in your office premises, you’ll be aware that printing paper has a nasty habit of running out! Stocking up is a great idea and is surprisingly affordable when purchased in bulk, especially if you work in an environment that requires a high amount of printed materials.


From lamps and phone handsets to computer equipment and wall-clocks, there are a large amount of important desktop items that require battery power. We offer a great range of Duracell battery options suitable for most appliances and with some excellent discounts.

Waste bins

Wherever your work station is based, waste bins are pretty much essential for avoiding clutter and a build-up of unwanted paperwork. Making a modest investment in a bin for your office space may have a positive effect on your productivity!

How can we help?

Discount Office UK have more than 17 years of experience providing high-quality office supplies to keep businesses running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service and, as a result, we’ve built up a loyal customer base whose testimonials speak for themselves.

If you would like to talk about stationery and supplies for your new office space, please give us a call on 0800 298 5742.

Office Supplies Hacks to Help You Be More Productive at Work

office supplies

We’ve all been there.  Lingering at the stationery cupboard wondering what an earth we came over for, or idly tapping our fingers on the desk because we can’t remember where we filed something.  Familiar as it may sound, disorganisation may be one of the key reasons why you’re not getting everything done in a typical working day.  So what kind of office supplies and processes do you need to invest in to make you more productive?


We reveal our top five hacks:


Buy Good Storage

The best way to be organised at work is by having somewhere to keep your stuff – from paper to envelopes, ink cartridges to personal belongings, having furniture around you that also doubles up as or features storage capacity can help you to be more efficient.  Remember too that with the new data protection regulation coming into force in the EU in May 2018, you’ll need to demonstrate that any client data you hold is kept safely and securely, so if you are in charge of any important documents, ensure your storage is sturdy, lockable and accessible only by you or other keyholders.


Keep a bin handy

Desks too often become overcrowded with rubbish, empty wrappers and papers that you no longer need, making it hard to find the things you really need to get your job done.  You might think you’ll ‘get around to it’ but if you don’t keep a bin handy, it will be all too easy to just leave the rubbish where it is.  If you and your company are committed to being green, why not have two bins – one for regular rubbish and one for recycling?


Divide up your workspace

Just as you can divide your rubbish up into different bins, so too can you compartmentalise your workspace to enable you to switch easily between tasks.   If, like many people, your job involves digital and non-digital activity – i.e. tasks you need to do on the computer and tasks that need pen and paper – then setting aside space to do each properly can save you time and focus your mind on the task in hand.


Clear the clutter

Whether it’s empty cups or computer cables, it all contributes to an untidy workspace.  Not only are you increasing the risk of damage to yourself and giving germs and open invitation to breed, but by not keeping your desk tidy, you’ll be hampering your own creativity and focus.  Tidy desk, tidy mind ?


Organise your office supplies

No workplace is complete without a supply of stationery and office supplies.  Whether it’s pens and pencils, staplers, glue, scissors or printer consumables, we all need somewhere to store the essentials in such a fashion that they can be retrieved in an emergency i.e. prior to a meeting that you are already late for, or at 4.55pm on a Friday when you just need to finish something before you knock-off for the weekend!  Invest in a desk tidy, pedestal with drawer inserts, filing cabinet or storage baskets to keep everything you need close to hand and organised into separate sections.


Once your workspace is organised, you’ll be needing to stock up on office supplies, so speak to the friendly team at Discount Office on 0800 298 5742 for help in choosing what you need.

National Stationery Week 2018

National Stationery Week

As we approach National Stationery Week, hosted on 23rd – 29th April 2018, we reflect on the importance of penmanship. This week is a celebration of writing by hand and providing communities with the opportunity to discuss their favourite products and retailers to encourage more people to pen letters by hand again.

But why is it so important to continue writing by hand?

  1. Cognitive Advancements

Despite fast typing being a skill that’s easy to acquire, it isn’t the most efficient for your memory. Handwriting letters, reports and revision notes allows you to absorb the information a lot easier. This is because your brain can summarise and comprehend information more effectively when it’s committed to writing them down, as you have more time to focus.

  1. Learning to Read

Learning to handwrite is believed to make learning to read a much easier experience.

At Aix-Marseille University, Marieke Longchamp and Jean-Luc Velay conducted an experiment on 76 children, aged 3-5 years old. Their results showed that the children who were taught to write letters by hand found it easier to recognise them compared to the group that learnt to type on a computer. They also conducted a similar experiment on adults and found the same response.

This demonstrates the close link between reading and handwriting and how it can open up many learning opportunities that a keyboard can’t as easily. And as modern curriculums begin to focus more on computing over handwriting, it grows the concern on how difficult future generations will find learning to read.

  1. Greater Graphic Freedom

For many people, your art can only be as good as your canvas. So, when comparing pen on paper over print on a screen, there’s a big difference when it comes to design limits.

Claire Bustarret, a specialist on codex manuscripts at the Maurice Halbwachs Research Centre, discusses the difference between the two medias. With a computer, you can change the size, fonts and colours, but it’s very restrictive when trying to create a form that isn’t already available on the system. Whereas, with writing on paper you have the freedom to create literally any style you desire with very few limitations, therefore granting you greater graphic freedom.

This also provides you the space to be more creative. When using a paper canvas, it encourages your brain to slow down and analyse the bigger picture. As well as inspires you to consider more abstract concepts using basic shapes and phrases.

Here at Discount Office UK we still believe in the power of handwriting, as the uniqueness and personal touch from penning a letter simply cannot be replaced by robotic, standardised typing. We supply a wide range of Stationery to cater to ever writer and business eager to keep the tradition alive. Visit our website to view our full range and for more benefits of handwriting, view our previous post.

How Handwriting Can Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

As we stumble through the digital revolution, we witness a downward spiral in the number of handwritten letters. Instead, we are seeing a growth in robotic computer fonts that convey little personality nor passion for our businesses and our colleagues lacking in pride while typing them. The way in which you dot your i’s and loop your y’s can add a personal touch to every letter you pen and convey a message in a way that no keyboard can.


There are many reasons to take up the habit of handwriting more often for your business, such as:

  1. Retaining Research

For many, handwriting research notes has proven to be most effective in helping them process information. During a study conducted on 650 students from 10 countries worldwide, the students explained how handwriting their research notes was their favoured method of revision.

Apply this to a working environment, and you may find yourself working with a team rejuvenating their productivity as they begin to absorb more knowledge than ever before.

  1. Sentimental Value

In a world where 269 billion emails and over 1 billion Facebook messages are sent per day, seeing that someone has taken the time to sit down and beautifully pen a handwritten letter to you has been known to have a lot more sentimental value in the eyes of the receiver.

  1. Boosting Happiness Levels

Composing handwritten documents has been proven to boost overall mood levels. Steve Toepfer at Kent State University lead a study that explored this concept and found that the practise of writing thoughtful letters demonstrated an increase in happiness and satisfaction, as well as diminishing some symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In the workplace, you will find employees a lot more at ease and productive when they are given the opportunity to take a break from the screens to handwrite their work.

  1. Conveying Personality

Your handwriting style can often personify your personality, which is why handwritten slogans and letters could work great for your branding. Lawyers and solicitors may take a more formal approach with classic calligraphy, artists and nurseries may choose more casual, colourful fonts for a fun and creative edge and high-profile influencers may have their go-to pen that allows their signature to be recognised every time.

  1. It’s More Exciting

And lastly, receiving a handwritten letter from a figure of authority, such as the head of a company, can be an exciting experience and can make the receiver feel more valued. A handwritten letter can convey a range of emotions, such as being proud, genuine or grateful. It shows time and effort being put aside to create something so simple, yet so meaningful.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on pens to get yourself started.

Keeping Your Office Storage Cupboard Organised

An office storage cupboard can be a hive of activity with employees needing to dip in and out of it all day. Consequently, it can easily become a place of clutter and chaos and probably needs a dedicated team member to sort through it on a weekly basis to keep it tidy and organised.

By having a clear plan of action with your storage cupboard, you can avoid unorganised messes and make the office an all-round tidier place. Here, we share our top five tips for storage cupboard success:

  1. Declutter

Throw away any empty boxes, packets and broken equipment. Whether it’s empty cardboard pen pots or cellophane, these items quickly build up and take over. Most of the time, this type of waste can be recycled, so don’t forget to do your bit for the planet.

  1. Organise

storage box

Organisation is the key to success. Make sure every office supply has its place so it’s easy to find, and ask staff to put things back where they found them. If there’s paperwork you need to keep safe, why not use storage systems and archiving folders? Labelling boxes and storage spaces can also be good signposts to help people find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

  1. Utilise shelving

Shelving gives you the opportunity to store things upwards, meaning you can squeeze much more in and keep your office storage far more organised. Pair shelving with a selection of magazine racks, desk tidies and document wallets,  and you’ll have one of the most organised office storage cupboards going!

  1. Don’t try and shove everything in one cupboard

While it might be tempting to use your office store cupboard to store everything, it’s unrealistic to think that it can house all your office supplies and paperwork. Supplementing your office store cupboard with things like filing cabinets and tambour units means you can have more space, therefore making it easier to keep organised. Likewise, keeping your catering and cleaning supplies in the kitchen means you free up more space inside the office itself.

  1. Make proper use of storage boxes

Utilising storage boxes can be an excellent way of clearing away paperwork, but only if labelled up correctly. After all, it’s no good shoving everything in a storage box, only for it to be forgotten about and left to take up valuable cupboard space. Using coloured markers to date and label boxes can be a great way of letting people know what’s in the box without them having to take it out and rifle through it, which can be a potentially messy process.

At Discount Office, we supply a huge range of office supplies to businesses across the UK. If we can help your office or business with your stationery or supplies, please call us on: 0800 298 57 42, or email.

Essential Office Supplies for Start-Up Businesses

Setting up a company is an exciting time, especially when you’re preparing to move into your first ever business premises. Here we list some of the key office supplies you’ll require to get your new business hub up and running!



From pens and paper to notepads and staplers, there are a whole host of stationery essentials to consider when setting up a new office. They might not seem like essentials, but once your office is up and running you’ll be surprised how commonly items of office stationery are used in a fast-paced business, and how often they require replacing.

initiative office supplies


As your business grows, being able to store business paperwork and other important materials will become increasingly important to the smooth running of your company. Installing a filing and storage system in your new office can make a big difference in the long term, so look to invest in essentials such as ring-binders, documents wallets or even a filing cabinet.



Whatever your line of business, you’ll need to send traditional mail through the post on a fairly regular basis, so it’s good to have supplies available. Envelopes, packaging tubes and bubble wrap are all likely to come in handy at some point, whether you need to send important documents such as accounts or invoices, or mail orders and samples to your customers.

Office furniture

There are some essential pieces of furniture required by pretty much every business environment, such as tables, chairs, bookcases, cupboards and pedestals. All these products are highly customisable, and can be purchased to suit the number of staff your company has and the amount of room available in your new office space.


How can we help?

Discount Office UK have more than 17 years of experience providing high-quality office supplies to keep businesses running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service and, as a result, we’ve built up a loyal customer base whose testimonials speak for themselves.


If you would like to talk about stationery and supplies for your new office space, please give us a call on 0800 298 5742.

Top Tips to Save Money on Office Supplies

Whether you’re a small business owner or a multinational corporation, the chances are you’ll spend money on office supplies like stationery. And like most other businesses in the current economic climate, you’re probably looking for ways to shave down your bills and keep your profit high.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top five ways that you can save money on office supplies which are easy to implement and don’t involve huge sacrifices:

  1. Buy in bulk

There are certain office supplies that you can almost guarantee will get used up quickly. Whether it’s pens and notepads or tea and coffee, buying in bulk allows you to make great cost savings and ensures you don’t run out of essential items.

  1. Monitor usage

Whether it’s intentional or not, sometimes employees can end up taking office supplies home. While there’s probably no malicious behaviour behind it, over time it can tot up and cost you a significant amount of revenue. Try and set up a stationery or office supplies monitoring system to keep track of what’s what.

  1. Set up a supplier account

Setting up a business account with an office supplies company can mean you’re able to access exclusive discounts that you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to. You’ll also be able to save orders, repeat orders and receive rewards.

  1. Go for compatible cartridges

If you’re spending a lot on computer toner or ink, compatible cartridges may be for you. If they’re sold by a reputable source, they often work just as well at a significantly reduced price.

  1. Do all your shopping in one place

As the adage goes, time is money. And searching around for hours on end for office supplies can be a time-consuming task. Purchasing all your office supplies from one place leads to exclusive discounts, free delivery and is much quicker.

At Discount Office UK, we sell a huge range of office related products. From furniture to filing to desktop essentials and cleaning supplies, we offer low prices every day of the year.

For more information on how we might be able to save you and your business money, please call us on: 0800 298 57 42.

The Surprising Things You Can Get from a Stationery Supplier

Offices around the world are dependent on a steady supply of stationery, and the trusty pen and paper are often taken for granted.


But it’s not just stationery that keeps the office ticking along. At Discount Office, we’ve put together a list of popular office supplies you might be surprised you can get from an online stationery retailer:


  1. Tea and coffee

Behind every workforce is a steady flow of tea and coffee. Buying in bulk means there’ll definitely be enough to go round and keep your staff happy.

office supplies

  1. Client-worthy coffee

Perhaps you have a very important person visiting the office and want to pull out all the stops. While it’s an office luxury, fresh coffee can be a nice touch for any special meetings.

office supplies

  1. Disposable cutlery

Disposable spoons, forks and knives are ideal for office catering, perfect for buffets, meetings and conferences.


  1. Cleaner

With Winter in full swing, keeping office germs to a minimum can help reduce downtime. Investing in some cleaning spray can make all the difference – just use once a day to keep the surfaces clean.

office supplies

  1. Washing up liquid

Most offices don’t have the luxury of a dishwasher. Therefore, having a supply of washing up liquid in the kitchen is vital to keep the area clean and tidy.


  1. Disinfectant

Your office cleaner will need a steady supply of cleaning products to do his or her job, and disinfectant is vital. Buying it in bulk is far more cost effective and means there’ll be enough to go round the whole building.


  1. Bin bags

Buying bin bags from the supermarket can be an expensive carry on, so purchasing them in bulk from a specialist supplier works out more cost effective.

office supplies

  1. Computer wipes

It can be easy to forget about the germs that live on computer keyboards, but computer wipes can help keep an office clean and its staff healthy.


At Discount Office UK, we supply a huge range of stationery and other office supplies. To find out more about how we can help your office run smoothly, or for the latest deals, please call: 0800 298 57 42.

Encouraging Employee Wellbeing This National Work Life Week

On the 2nd of October, the start of National Work Life Week, employers and employees around the country are being encouraged to focus on wellbeing at work and how they can retain a good work-life balance.

desktop essentials

There are many things employees can do to help with their own wellbeing at work, such as utilising their lunchbreaks, getting up from their desk regularly and ensuring they plan activities outside the office environment, but as an employer, what can you do to help things along?

We’ve compiled a list of how you can take part in National Work Life Week and what you can do to encourage wellbeing in the workplace.

  1. Encourage flexible working requests

Highlight some examples of staff who work flexibly in your office, whether it’s because of childcare or caring responsibilities or progressing towards retirement. While flexible working might not always be possible, have an open-door policy where people don’t feel afraid to ask.


  1. Have some rules on digital devices

Try and create some rules on using digital devices so that staff don’t work around the clock. If someone needs to be on call, have a designated ‘on call’ phone. It can be very tempting to expect your staff to answer emails when they’ve gone home from work, likewise it can be extremely tricky for them to switch off and relax if their phone is always bleeping.


  1. Put on a time management event

Pick staff in your business who manage their time effectively and put on a presentation lunch where they share their tips and tricks with the rest of the business. This can help others plan their time better and help reduce their stress levels.


  1. Make sure the cupboards are stocked and desks are tidy

Keeping office desks clean and tidy is often underrated. Being comfortable, organised and in a clean environment can have untold benefits to both your office and your employees. It can make people feel empowered at work, increase productivity levels and make it easier for staff to focus on the task in hand. Encourage staff to organise their desks by providing a range of desktop essentials like lever arch files, desk tidies, pens and wall planners. Having the cupboard stocked with free catering refreshments like tea and coffee can also be a nice touch.

  1. Keep the office clean

The average person spends more time awake at work than they do at home, so it’s important to try and keep the office as inviting and comfortable as possible. One of the key things you can do to improve happiness and wellbeing is to keep the office clean and to encourage staff to take pride in their workspace. Having cleaning supplies to hand makes it easier for your employees to do this, so make sure you’ve always got the cupboards stocked up.


At Discount Office UK, we offer a wide range of office supplies – from packaging and mailroom goods to stationery and catering products. If you need assistance with your purchase, or if you can’t find something you’re looking for, call us today on: 0800 298 57 42.