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Office Supplies Your Start-Up Business Can’t Be Without

Starting a new business is no mean feat and your to do list will probably be longer than you can shake a stick at. But one of the key ingredients to running a successful business often gets overlooked. We’ll give you a clue – you can write with it, write on it, stick it up and use it to organise your workstation. You guessed it, we’re talking about stationery.


When you’ve got lots of important things to work on and you’re wearing all the different hats a new business owner needs to wear, thinking about which stationery you need probably won’t be a priority. That’s why at Discount Office, we’ve tried to make your life easier by coming up with the top ten stationery and office items your start-up business is sure to need.


  1. Pens and pencils

Although the digital age has decreased our pen dependency, we’re willing to bet money that pens and pencils will be a key staple in your office. Whether you need to write a note, sign something, or work better by mapping your ideas out by hard copy, pens and pencils are something you can’t go without.



  1. Notebooks

If you’ve got pens in your arsenal, you’re going to need something to write on. Choose notebooks that are best suited to your needs – whether you need big notebooks, small notebooks, or anything in between, the possibilities are endless.

  1. A diary

This is one of the most important items any start-up business is a diary. Planning your time is an essential part of running a business, so you’ll want to know where you are, who with and at what time. Although you can use online calendars, a hard copy diary will never fail and you can access it wherever you are, at any time.

  1. A wall diary

Being able to see the year ahead in one snapshot can be very useful, so investing in a wall planner can be a wise move.


  1. Printer paper

You’re sure to need printer paper very early on, so make sure you’ve fully stocked up. Buying printer paper every now and again in bulk can be a good way of making sure you don’t run out at a critical time.

  1. Ring binders and lever arch files

It’s always easier to try and be organised from the get go, so having a range of ring binders and lever arch files from the outset can help you in your quest. You’re also likely to need dividers to help you streamline your filing system.

  1. Envelopes

There’s nothing quite like the post for sending important letters and documents – and to do that you’ll need envelopes. From white business envelopes and manilla ones, to premium and board backed envelopes, stocking up on a few different types will stand you in good stead.

  1. Toner and cartridges

Whether you plan to use an inkjet or laser printer, you can’t be without some kind of ink or toner. If you’re unsure whether the products you’re looking at match with your printer, it’s always best to check with the stationery provider you’re buying from.

  1. Office furniture

Depending on your office arrangement, you may well need furniture, such as filing cabinets, pedestals and bookcases. These will help with your organisational efforts and give a professional feel to your workspace.

  1. Refreshments

Many of us like the odd cup of tea and coffee, so stocking up on catering refreshments can ensure you and your workforce have enough power to get you through the day.



If you’re ready to get your new office into action, call us today on: 0800 298 5742 to see how we can help with your set up. We have a wide range of office stationery, products and furniture guaranteed to suit your needs.  


Top 10 must Have Office Supplies

Desk chairs

Having the right kind of desk chairs for your employees is very important. Your workers are in their seats between 9-5, five days a week, which means that there are bound to be some kind of health implications. So, it’s your duty as the employer to make sure that you provide comfortable seating that provides the right support.

Computer cleaning equipment

Believe it or not, if we were to swab your computer equipment, we can almost guarantee that we’d find all kinds of bacteria. It has even been claimed that some keyboards are dirtier than a toilet!  So stock up on some computer cleaning gear for your employees and make sure they clean equipment regularly.

Ball point pens

Is it just us, or do pens just disappear and at the most inconvenient time? You can never have enough pens, so make sure your stationary cupboard is full of them.

Box Files

Keeping organised plays an important role in managing your workload. So, we included box files in this list. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and your work is maintained appropriately.

Letter Trays

Having letter trays at your desk can help improve the quality of your work as well as help you keep organised. In our opinion, they’re an office must have.

Janitorial supplies

Maintaining cleanliness at your office is a legal requirement. So, to make sure you’re able to stay on top of things, have a cupboard full of janitorial supplies, ready for any messy situation.


You can’t have an office without refreshments. Although it may not be against the law, we think it should be! Having tea and coffee during a mundane day really can lift moods and increase motivation. So stock up now.

Notice Board

A notice board is a way to communicate with your employees. Let them know what’s going on in the company, or let them tell you.

Storage boxes

All offices have things they like to store away, so keep it neat, organised and out of the way with a storage box. A necessity for every office.

Memo pads

It goes without saying that memo pads are a basic office necessity. Regardless of offices going paperless, there will always be a need for the old fashioned paper and pen.

To talk to us about your office stationery needs, you can call Discount Office UK today on 0800 298 57 42.

Celebrating the Power of the Written Word – National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week
At Discount Office UK, we’re passionate about all things stationery, giving businesses the opportunity to maximise their efforts with the essential tools. That’s why we’re delighted to be celebrating National Stationery Week this month, highlighting the key importance of stationery and its role in powering the written word.

Running from 25th April – 1st May, National Stationery Week promotes the value of writing and being able to write by hand, showing that writing and stationery – the products that make it possible – are still relevant in our evermore digital environment. In fact, research carried out for the event by YouGov research, found that 92% of adults think that writing by hand is important and more Brits still take the time to send ‘thank you’ notes by hand as opposed to texting or emailing.

We believe that in the business world, despite the increase in emails and the use of smartphones, writing by hand is extremely important:

  • It’s a much more personal form of communication – where strong relations are key, clients or contacts will much likely appreciate a written note more than a quick impersonal email.
  • The act of jotting things down, instead of typing them, has been found to help you remember information more clearly and for a longer time.
  • Opening numerous apps and typing on a small screen can be a fiddly process – instead writing things down can in many cases be more efficient.
  • With a pen and pad you are much less restricted in terms of how you can lay out information – writing often gives you the opportunity to be more organised and creative and as a result, more productive.

Organised by the London Stationary Show, the national event aims to share these benefits on a global scale, getting people to talk and write about stationery. As such they will also be launching their second World Stationery Day on April 27th, inviting people to send more letters and cards, instead of purely messaging via text or email. Major retailers such as John Lewis, Tesco and the Post Office are also helping to support this cause, emphasising the importance of stationery for children especially. As an office stationery supplier we’re excited to be able to advocate this important event and thepleasure that stationery and writing can give to so many.

If you’d like to get involved in National Stationery Week, you can promote it to staff, customers or through social media. On Twitter and Facebook you can post an update on your favourite stationery product or pen, your favourite stationery brands or your favourite stationery retailer. Why not also see our wide range of pens, paper and other stationery products to boost the power of the written word in your office?


Could New Office Furniture Do Wonders For Your Working Environment?

As we spend so much time in the office over a week, it’s important that we create the best possible working environment for us to feel comfortable, happy, organised and motivated. By ensuring that staff have the right office furniture for their working environment, employers can have a very positive effect on staff morale.

Ensuring that offices have suitable storage can also go a long way towards improving productivity. An organised office is a productive office, so by providing plenty of efficient storage space such as cupboards and filing cabinets, businesses can benefit considerably.

Could your office benefit from an office furniture update?

Is your office furniture in need of an update?

If you are looking to find an efficient and cost effective solution to replacing your office furniture, you can call Discount Office UK on 0800 298 5742 or visit for assistance.

National Stationery Week 2015 – Why We Will Always Need Stationery

Ever since we started our very early days at school, we were taught how to use a pen, crayon and pencil to draw on paper, and express how we feel. Traditionally, being able to create something from simply holding a piece of stationery seemed like an achievement – from drawing a picture to being able to write our name.  Although things are now more advanced, and the latest digital technology continues to expand and grow – stationery simply will never go out of fashion.

In a place of work wherever it may be, you will find that nearly all of us will carry around a pen and paper, as it is always handy to have. We can quickly use it to jot down important details, which we may need to refer to later, and it’s important that we rely on stationary to be on our side when it comes to remembering things – it simply just cannot let us down. Whilst technology is all about speed, most of the time it is much quicker to scribble a few notes down as opposed to finding a notepad app on a phone or tablet and typing out our thoughts.

National Stationery Week

April 27th – 3rd May will mark National Stationery Week 2015 – A time for the UK to celebrate all things stationery.  Perhaps you could use this week to organise your own stationery at work, and co-ordinate your desk so that all office stationery is readily available and easy to find.

You could even get members of your team to express themselves by drawing or writing something to really be a part of National Stationery Week!

national stationery week

Stationery is everywhere

Even in some of the most technical departments of a business – someone, somewhere will have stationery with them.  It’s something that we rely on to be there whenever we need it. Even if you prefer to embrace technology, you will probably find that you use stationery more than you think. For example, here are some examples of how we use stationery:

  • To write postcards whilst on holiday
  • To write on envelopes when sending something
  • When writing a birthday card
  • When writing a sick note to your child’s school
  • To write a shopping list
  • To make a daily to-do list on a notepad or post it notes
  • To write on a whiteboard or presentation board

The truth is, stationery is a big part of our home and working life and without it we would become forgetful.



Why a Paper Desk Diary Continues To Stand the Test of Time

In today’s world, digital clearly rules the roost. Constant developments in technology allow us to hold a piece of it in our hands, bags or pockets at all times, with important information just a few button clicks or finger taps away. Handheld technology and universal access to the internet allows us to communicate and source information so much quicker than ever before.

In most cases, new technology wins over paper, for example; email is far superior to sending letters through the post as it is much faster, and there is less chance of them getting lost, and Sat Navs and Google Maps make it much easier for people to find their way around than an old A to Z. However, despite our reliance on electronic technology, there are still certain paper items that stand the test of time.

A4 desk diary

Paper diaries have been around for centuries, allowing people to write in important dates and anniversaries, amongst other notes and important information. For many businesses, although computers are absolutely essential to the smooth running of things, desk diaries continue to be in use by many employees, even if only to note down information before inputting it into a computer system.

It can be argued that a desk diary is superior to an electronic planner in many ways:

  • Trust – when you see information written in your own handwriting, you are often more likely to trust it. On the other hand, it can be harder to trust information stored on an electronic diary, not to mention, for many people, the idea of your important information being stored on the cloud is very stressful.
  • Speed – While new technology is all about being the fastest and most efficient, it can be argued that writing in and finding information in a paper desk diary is actually much faster than inputting or looking up information from an electronic diary on a phone, tablet or computer. In many cases, to be able to access an electronic diary, you have to input a security password before then having to go through a few steps to either find a date or note, or add a new appointment. With a paper diary, it only takes a few seconds to open it up to the write page and scribble in a note, or find a some previously written information
  • Privacy – It is universally thought of as rude to look in someone else’s diary, so you are likely to have a lot more privacy with a traditional desk diary. Most companies on the other hand have shared online diaries, so you are unable to write private pieces of information without your co-workers or employers seeing, even if by accident. Your colleagues can also see when you are free and take advantage of this by booking you into meetings an appointments, whereas with a paper diary, you have more control over your diary.
  • Physical – One of the best things about a traditional desk diary is that you can enjoy the physical object. You can choose a diary in a certain size, style or colour. If you prefer to keep your notes brief, you may prefer an A5 desk diary, or if you prefer to make more detailed notes, or are likely to have numerous appointments and events to write about on different days, it may be worth choosing a larger size such as an A4 desk diary.

A5 desk diary

Finally, one of the most important reasons for a desk diary having an advantage over an electronic diary or calendar, is that it encourages us to communicate. When information is displayed on a shared electronic diary, this takes away the need to talk. This can even be the case in a family that uses a shared diary; rather than having a conversation about what each person has planned, this information is already available, removing the need for the communication that is an essential part of family life.

To find out more about desk diaries and other essential office stationery, you can visit the Discount Office UK website.

Why Wallplanners are Making a Comeback

Traditionally the walls of offices would be adorned with planners and calendars as there was no other way of keeping up to date with important meetings, projects in progress and dates to remember. With the introduction of computer based calendar programmes and more recently, smart phones, you might think wallplanners have had their day but we believe they are making a comeback.

Over recent months we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers enquiring about and ordering wall planners, so why do we think this is?

One explanation might be that given the multitude of electronic devices we all use nowadays, sometimes it is just easier to glance at the wall and know where you need to be. As we rely on a mobile phone connection and the internet to make various applications work, sometimes the old fashioned paper products do the job just as well.



Another reason for the popularity of yearly wall planners is that they are the perfect way of sharing information in an office without clogging up everyone’s inboxes and taking over their email calendars. By hanging a wallplanner up in the office, everyone can see at a glance when meetings are taking place and when members of staff have time off.

We think the fact that wall planners often come with a laminated surface makes them more appealing as it is easy to wipe them clean and replace a calendar entry if you need to. Most planners also come with a pen and stickers so you’re ready to get adding your important dates straight away.


Cost, is probably the final factor. With our wallplanners starting at just £3.99 it’s a great price to pay for a whole year’s worth of organisation. You’ll never miss another important meeting and if you need to double check any dates from your email calendar you’ll have the master copy to refer to on the wall.

We hope that the wall planner continues to adorn the walls of workplaces across the country as they help keep us organised, provide a useful point of reference and in many cases brighten up the room!

Find out more about our range of wall planners by visiting our website.

Useful Tips for Keeping Your Desk Tidy and Organised

In a hectic office environment, it is easy to let things slip and in no time be left with a messy desk. Whilst an untidy desk is often seen as a good sign of creativity, when you are left spending periods of time trying to find lost items rather than being productive, it is time to find a way to keep your desk more organised rather than continuing to build a mountain of paperwork and stationery.

Once you get into a routine, it is quite simple to keep your desk clean and clutter free. Why not try following these useful tips?

First of all, before trying to work out the best way to store your important pens, pencils and bits of paper, it is important to clear the desk completely (except for your computer components, telephone, or anything else that may be plugged in). You can then go about putting things into different piles. If there are things that you no longer need, i.e. out of date documents or notes, bin them to make space for new bits and pieces. For things that do not need to be on your desk when not in use, find somewhere else to tidy them away.

As well as the top of your desk, don’t forget to clear out any draws or shelves and sort them out in the same way.

When beginning to reorganise your desk, prioritise your items by necessity. Make sure to put things that you will need to use on a regular basis within easy reach, and file away things that you are less likely to use very often.

DT9184 desk caddy

DT9184 Contemporary Ice Blue Desk Caddy

Designate a place to keep stationery such as pens, pencils, scissors, USB sticks and other items that you will use daily. A plastic desk caddy offers an excellent solution for keeping your stationery tidy and in good condition. Many desk caddies feature different compartments to keep pens, pencils, or even small notepads separate. By keeping these items together, your desk will be less cluttered.


LT9473 Contemporary Ice Blue Letter Tray

Take a look at your filing system. Are you keeping relevant paperwork and documents together? A plastic letter tray, with two tiers can be used for incoming and outgoing documents, ensuring that they do not get mixed up. By stacking more than one tiered letter tray, you can split documents into numerous categories, so that you can always find what you are looking for.

If you need to access brochures, magazines or reference books on a regular basis, you can keep them tidy and organised by having a magazine file on your desk. AS vertical standing magazine file allows you to read the spine of a book so that you can always find what yopu are looking for without having to route through drawers or piles.

Once you have organised your desk in a way that is tidy, simple and easy to use, it is much easier to keep it that way. Simply tidy your desk to this state at the end of every day.

To find out more about items that can help you co-ordinate your desk, you can visit

How Discount Stationery Can Help To Keep A Small Business Afloat

For all small businesses, their success is often dependent upon their financial state. All businesses need to watch the purse strings closely in order to keep in good financial shape, and should aim to purchase their products and services as cost effectively as possible. This can include conducting an annual review of their utility bills as well as money spent on consumables such as stationery. Even small savings in a variety of areas can help to keep a business afloat.

Discount stationery can easily be purchased from a number of stores and doesn’t necessarily mean that quality is compromised. Instead, it may be that items bought in bulk can be sold at a discount or perhaps if an order is made over a certain amount, then an added discount may be added. Although many high street stores offer various promotions and sale items, very often the best cheap office products can be found online.

Online stores very often offer larger savings to customers than high street stores because of having lower overhead costs. They are often small businesses which specialise in a particular area, and the business owners know their market well and can source the best prices for their stock. These savings can then be passed onto the customers, which will hopefully mean that customers will return to the website again and again. Even though many businesses rely on electronic mail for contacting customers and suppliers, discount stationery is still important.

Cheap office products can include anything from the humble notepad and pencil to flash drives and laminators. Many stationery suppliers can also sell items such as tea and coffee, which means that businesses making a stationery order can also add these useful items on to the order to save having to purchase them elsewhere. It makes more sense to purchase a wide range of items from one supplier, as only one delivery charge need apply.

Although stationery may seem like a minor issue, it’s important to keep an office well organised and well stocked with the necessary equipment. Having access to printer cartridges and appropriate storage equipment is a large part of keeping an efficient office running smoothly.

If you are looking to buy cheap office products or if you need some discount stationery, then please take a look at the website.

Where To Locate Cheap Stationery Online

These days when people are looking for a particular item to buy, they are very careful about ensuring they buy the item they believe to be the best value for money. The internet has allowed consumers to research a particular product to find out where they can buy it from, who is the most competitively priced and also who can deliver the item the quickest. Online stationery supplies are no exception to the rule, as very often consumers who are looking for stationery need an item relatively quickly but also at a price they can afford.

Cheap stationery online is very popular for homeowners, students and businesses. These consumers will probably want to take a look at a wide range of products, from pens and paper, to scissors and envelopes and perhaps even mouse mats and ink cartridges. These are all essential items for an efficient office, whether it is a small office at home or a larger office for a corporate business.

Having the right equipment for any office is important. Although many offices are following environmentally friendly policies and are trying to reduce the amount of paper they use, many still need to have a plethora of folders and files in which to organise their work. Of course, pens and notepads are still essential even in these digital times, as nothing can beat jotting down a name and telephone number when on the telephone.

Stockists which supply online stationery supplies are very often favoured over high street stores, as online stores will be less likely to run out of stock than a retail store. This is because the online store will more than likely have a larger storeroom with lower overheads than a retail store. This will understandably very often make an online store more popular than a retail shop, particularly if the consumer doesn’t have the time to visit the store in person.

Shopping online is definitely becoming more and more popular, with people having handheld devices with internet access meaning they can shop anywhere at any time.

If you would to take a look at a variety of online stationery supplies then visit the Discount Office UK website for further details.