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Office Essentials – Files and Folders

Whether at home or in an office environment, everyone has a certain amount of paperwork that they need to keep hold of for future reference. However, without some sort of filing system, it is easy to misplace important files and this could potentially cause a lot of problems. On top of the obvious benefits of keeping your paper work organised, who wants to look at unruly stacks of paper that could instead be kept neat and tidy and stored out of sight?

Being disorganised can actually create more work, and take up a lot of valuable time. Here we look at the benefits of using different filing systems and folders to keep important paper work in order:

Document Wallets

Document wallets, often manufactured from recycled card, are a lightweight, cost effective and traditional solution to keeping important files and paper work in order. Often available in packs of up to 10, A4 document wallets are an ideal way of keeping small amounts of paperwork together and safe from dirt and dust. In order to make particular pieces of paper easier to find, you can use a number of document wallets so that you can categorise paperwork, and then keep all documents together in a draw.

document wallets

document wallets

Ring Binders

Ring binders are ideal for storing a number of different categories of paperwork in the same folder. The name ring binder comes from the ring mechanisms inside the folder. O or D-shaped, the rings open and close to allow you to fasten paper documents or plastic wallets into the ring binder. Ring binders are designed to make it quick and easy for you to find what you are looking for, whether this be a single piece of paper, or a series of files.

You can choose to punch holes into your documents and fasten them into a ring binder, or if you prefer to keep your paperwork intact, you can instead place individual sheets of paper or piles of paper into ready punched plastic wallets, which can then be bound into the folder. Whilst ring binders can hold a considerably large amount of paper work than most document wallets, once the rings are full, it is advisory not to attempt to overstuff ring binders.

ring binder

Lever Arch Files

Lever arch files are probably the most useful way of keeping all of your paper work together, whilst still being able to keep different categories separated and still allowing you to find what you need quickly and without fuss. Lever arch files are designed to hold larger amounts of paper than standard ring binders and so are often much thicker at the spine and more sturdily manufactured.

Whilst the ring mechanisms of ring binders can simply be clipped open and closed using your fingers, due to the extra paper weight that lever arch files are designed to hold, the ring binding mechanisms are instead operated by a lever, hence the name ‘lever arch file’. The lever ensures that the ring binding mechanism stays closed when it needs to be, keeping all paper in the right order and preventing it from falling out.

As lever arch files are designed to hold a large volume of paperwork, many people choose to separate different sections with card indexes and dividers, making it much easier to skip through to the right section of the folder.

lever arch files

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The Benefits of Ordering Your Office Products from a Single Supplier

With such a wide range of office products needed every day whatever your business, it can be easy to lose track of your stock levels, especially if you are ordering different supplies from different suppliers. This can lead to you ordering more office products than you need, or spending more than you need to on various supplies.

Office supplies can consist of a pretty wide range of different products including:

initiative office productsDesktop Supplies – such as calculators, waste bins, paperclips, rubber bands, pens, pencils and various pieces of stationery that you are likely to make use of an a daily, or at least weekly basis

Organisational Products – Books and notepads, as well as folder dividers and planners are used in most offices to help members of staff stay organised

Filing and Archiving – In a business office environment, there is very often a need to file and archive important documents and paperwork for future use or reference

Sales and Presentation Products – In most offices, there is a regular need for presentation equipment such as whiteboards, presentation boards, flipchart pads and easels, as well as presentation binders. Whether for external sales or internal use, sales and presentation office products are essential for most businesses

Paper and Print Materials – No office would function without paper and print supplies, ranging from paper and printer cartridges, to calculator, chip and pin rolls and USB sticksoffice paper

Workplace Essentials – Workplace essentials such as computer cleaning products, hand towels, bin bags, toilet rolls and first aid kits are easily forgotten

As the scope of office products that are needed every day is so wide, many businesses make the mistake of ordering from a number of different suppliers for different kinds of products. However, many office product suppliers can provide everything that a business will need.

How does this benefit your business?

  • Organisation – first of all, by ordering all office supplies from one place, it is much easier to stay organised. By setting up an account with your local office products supplier, you can keep track of what you are ordering and ensure that your stock cupboards are fully stocked, without overflowing with excess materials
  • Cost – By ordering all office products from a single supplier, businesses can look to cut costs. One of the main benefits of ordering all office supplies from one place is that postage and delivery costs can be cut down if a complete order is delivered at once, rather than in numerous different packages from various locations
  • Time Saving – Making numerous different orders and keeping track of office supply stock can be time consuming. By switching to a single supplier, businesses can save time by only making one bulk order at a time. Many office products suppliers can also help your business to keep track of stock levels by monitoring past orders for clients that open an account.

If you are looking to switch all of your office product needs over to a single supplier, you can contact Discount Office UK on 0800 298 57 42 or visit our website to view our Initiative office product collection.