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Stationary Essentials for the New University Year

As we approach the new academic year it is important for students to be well prepared for the demands of the university calendar.

An important consideration is being fully stocked up when it comes to the stationary essentials needed for study and turning in those essential assignments and dissertations.

Here we look at just a few of the items that can be bought ahead of the new term, making sure students are all stocked up and ready for academic success!

stationery essentials for University

Pens and Pencils

Though the majority of modern students use computers or other electric devices in their studies, there is still plenty of use for pens and pencils when it comes to note-taking and revision. Stock up now to make sure you are never caught short.


Notebooks and Pads

Now we have the pens and pencils all sorted, you’ll need something to write on! Writing pads and note books are really useful in the everyday life of a student, easy to carry around and perfect for jotting down important information wherever you are.



Having a personal printer can be very useful for students, especially when it comes to preparing documents for assignments. Stocking up on essential accessories such as ink, paper and toner is highly recommended and can save a last-minute rush to use a copier or library printer.


Wall Planners and Diaries

With a mix of educational, employment and social commitments students enjoy a busy schedule, so it’s important to be organised and plan ahead. Wall Planners and Diaries offer a useful and very visual way for university students to stay up to date and keep all bases covered.


Flash Drives

With the majority of students using personal computers to prepare university assignments, portable Flash Drives have become an essential way to transfer information. Offering safety and security, Flash Drives also provide an important way of backing up important work.


How can we help?

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