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Top 10 must Have Office Supplies

Desk chairs

Having the right kind of desk chairs for your employees is very important. Your workers are in their seats between 9-5, five days a week, which means that there are bound to be some kind of health implications. So, it’s your duty as the employer to make sure that you provide comfortable seating that provides the right support.

Computer cleaning equipment

Believe it or not, if we were to swab your computer equipment, we can almost guarantee that we’d find all kinds of bacteria. It has even been claimed that some keyboards are dirtier than a toilet!  So stock up on some computer cleaning gear for your employees and make sure they clean equipment regularly.

Ball point pens

Is it just us, or do pens just disappear and at the most inconvenient time? You can never have enough pens, so make sure your stationary cupboard is full of them.

Box Files

Keeping organised plays an important role in managing your workload. So, we included box files in this list. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and your work is maintained appropriately.

Letter Trays

Having letter trays at your desk can help improve the quality of your work as well as help you keep organised. In our opinion, they’re an office must have.

Janitorial supplies

Maintaining cleanliness at your office is a legal requirement. So, to make sure you’re able to stay on top of things, have a cupboard full of janitorial supplies, ready for any messy situation.


You can’t have an office without refreshments. Although it may not be against the law, we think it should be! Having tea and coffee during a mundane day really can lift moods and increase motivation. So stock up now.

Notice Board

A notice board is a way to communicate with your employees. Let them know what’s going on in the company, or let them tell you.

Storage boxes

All offices have things they like to store away, so keep it neat, organised and out of the way with a storage box. A necessity for every office.

Memo pads

It goes without saying that memo pads are a basic office necessity. Regardless of offices going paperless, there will always be a need for the old fashioned paper and pen.

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Why Paper Is Always the Best Way to Keep Staff Appointments and Holidays in Order

Whilst the workplace relies more and more digital devices to function properly, stationery and paper in particular still hold an important place in any business. Whilst digital devices feature numerous applications designed to make life easier and help us stay more organised at work, sometimes the old fashioned way of putting pen on paper is best. To keep adrift of the appointments and holidays of all members of staff in a business, or at least a specific department, wall mounted staff planners are still the most effective method.

We have put together an interactive list of how you can benefit from an office wall planner:

How You Can Benefit from an Office Wall Planner

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Why Paper Desk Diaries and Wall Planners Still Reign Supreme Over Digital Diaries

wallplannersIn the modern age, to some extent we all embrace digital technology. Digital helps to make our life a lot easier and ensures we live at a much faster pace than in the past; if we need information, in most cases it’s right at our finger tips and we are impatient if we can’t find exactly what we need. For example, Sat Nav systems can help us to get around much easier, and online shopping allows us to buy almost anything with the click of a button, with next day delivery increasingly available.

In a lot of ways, digital technology helps us to get the information we need quicker than ever before, but when it comes to being organised as quickly as possible, in many ways, paper still wins. On average, people who choose to use electronic calendars to stay organised, take as much as six times longer just to scribble down some simple notes.

Whilst it is easy to open up a desk diary and write down important notes and dates, or even walk over to a wall planner and scribble in the appropriate box; using a diary on a computer, tablet or smart phone usually involves a lot more moves. The user must navigate their way to the diary app, find the right date, which may well be a long way into the future, before then having to choose an option to add an appointment or notes, type them in and then save it all. When it comes to choosing extra options like setting an alarm or a reminder for a particular event, the whole process takes even longer.

A5 desk diaryIn most cases, it takes as little as 5 or 10 seconds to write a date into a paper diary or planner, whereas it is more likely to take a minimum of 15 to 30 seconds to do the same using a digital device. In such a fast paced world where we expect everything straight away, surely it makes sense to choose the faster and more efficient organisation option and stick with paper?

Other advantages of good old fashioned paper desk diaries and wall planners

As well as sheer speed, paper offers a number of other advantages over digital technology when it comes to staying organised:

  • Paper doesn’t suffer from technical difficulties – you never have to worry about paper running out of battery, or freezing on the wrong page. Whilst a smart phone, tablet or computer may sometimes seem to miraculously delete an event from your diary, all events stay on paper unless you scribble them out


  • You know where you are with a traditional diary or planner; whereas it can sometimes be difficult to find the information you are looking for when using a digital device, paper allows you to see a whole day, week, or even month at a glance, so there is no need to set hundreds of annoying reminders that will continually pop up on your screen


  • Paper is as private as you want it to be – In many workplaces, diaries are cloud based and can be seen by everybody in the office, or company, not to mention Google itself has direct access into your daily doings. A paper diary can be locked away in a desk or cupboard, whereas a wall planner can be put in an office where only certain people have access


  • Cost – At the end of the day, it is much cheaper for businesses to invest in paper than in expensive cloud systems. Buying a diary or paper planner provides a year’s worth of organisation at a very small price.



Whilst the digital world continues to grow, more and more people continue to return to paper, with desk diaries and wall planners making a comeback. If you would like to find out more about the range of organisational stationery products available from Discount Office UK, please visit our website or call us for free on 0800 298 57 42.

Why Wallplanners are Making a Comeback

Traditionally the walls of offices would be adorned with planners and calendars as there was no other way of keeping up to date with important meetings, projects in progress and dates to remember. With the introduction of computer based calendar programmes and more recently, smart phones, you might think wallplanners have had their day but we believe they are making a comeback.

Over recent months we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers enquiring about and ordering wall planners, so why do we think this is?

One explanation might be that given the multitude of electronic devices we all use nowadays, sometimes it is just easier to glance at the wall and know where you need to be. As we rely on a mobile phone connection and the internet to make various applications work, sometimes the old fashioned paper products do the job just as well.



Another reason for the popularity of yearly wall planners is that they are the perfect way of sharing information in an office without clogging up everyone’s inboxes and taking over their email calendars. By hanging a wallplanner up in the office, everyone can see at a glance when meetings are taking place and when members of staff have time off.

We think the fact that wall planners often come with a laminated surface makes them more appealing as it is easy to wipe them clean and replace a calendar entry if you need to. Most planners also come with a pen and stickers so you’re ready to get adding your important dates straight away.


Cost, is probably the final factor. With our wallplanners starting at just £3.99 it’s a great price to pay for a whole year’s worth of organisation. You’ll never miss another important meeting and if you need to double check any dates from your email calendar you’ll have the master copy to refer to on the wall.

We hope that the wall planner continues to adorn the walls of workplaces across the country as they help keep us organised, provide a useful point of reference and in many cases brighten up the room!

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