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Office Supplies Your Start-Up Business Can’t Be Without

Starting a new business is no mean feat and your to do list will probably be longer than you can shake a stick at. But one of the key ingredients to running a successful business often gets overlooked. We’ll give you a clue – you can write with it, write on it, stick it up and use it to organise your workstation. You guessed it, we’re talking about stationery.


When you’ve got lots of important things to work on and you’re wearing all the different hats a new business owner needs to wear, thinking about which stationery you need probably won’t be a priority. That’s why at Discount Office, we’ve tried to make your life easier by coming up with the top ten stationery and office items your start-up business is sure to need.


  1. Pens and pencils

Although the digital age has decreased our pen dependency, we’re willing to bet money that pens and pencils will be a key staple in your office. Whether you need to write a note, sign something, or work better by mapping your ideas out by hard copy, pens and pencils are something you can’t go without.



  1. Notebooks

If you’ve got pens in your arsenal, you’re going to need something to write on. Choose notebooks that are best suited to your needs – whether you need big notebooks, small notebooks, or anything in between, the possibilities are endless.

  1. A diary

This is one of the most important items any start-up business is a diary. Planning your time is an essential part of running a business, so you’ll want to know where you are, who with and at what time. Although you can use online calendars, a hard copy diary will never fail and you can access it wherever you are, at any time.

  1. A wall diary

Being able to see the year ahead in one snapshot can be very useful, so investing in a wall planner can be a wise move.


  1. Printer paper

You’re sure to need printer paper very early on, so make sure you’ve fully stocked up. Buying printer paper every now and again in bulk can be a good way of making sure you don’t run out at a critical time.

  1. Ring binders and lever arch files

It’s always easier to try and be organised from the get go, so having a range of ring binders and lever arch files from the outset can help you in your quest. You’re also likely to need dividers to help you streamline your filing system.

  1. Envelopes

There’s nothing quite like the post for sending important letters and documents – and to do that you’ll need envelopes. From white business envelopes and manilla ones, to premium and board backed envelopes, stocking up on a few different types will stand you in good stead.

  1. Toner and cartridges

Whether you plan to use an inkjet or laser printer, you can’t be without some kind of ink or toner. If you’re unsure whether the products you’re looking at match with your printer, it’s always best to check with the stationery provider you’re buying from.

  1. Office furniture

Depending on your office arrangement, you may well need furniture, such as filing cabinets, pedestals and bookcases. These will help with your organisational efforts and give a professional feel to your workspace.

  1. Refreshments

Many of us like the odd cup of tea and coffee, so stocking up on catering refreshments can ensure you and your workforce have enough power to get you through the day.



If you’re ready to get your new office into action, call us today on: 0800 298 5742 to see how we can help with your set up. We have a wide range of office stationery, products and furniture guaranteed to suit your needs.  


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