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Advantages Of Using Label Writers

Writing out labels can be a very laborious task and perhaps one that is often assigned to the unwilling office junior who can do nothing more than say thank you and take the task on because nobody else wants to. Labels are often used to address envelopes and packets that will be distributed as part of a direct mailing campaign and if they are not addressed correctly clearly they will not reach their intended destination and will cost the business in time and effort, so it is important they are done properly.

If the thought of writing out labels manually is too much to bear then you could invest in a dymo labelwriter 400 turbo to do it for you. This clever little device can print up to 55 labels per minute and is compatible with both PC and Mac. The greatest advantage of using these gadgets is that you can save time – you can print lots of labels in a short space of time without wasting sheet labels or jamming up your printer.

Printing the labels is easy as you can connect your Dymo labelwriter up with your PC and print directly from your mail shot database. All you need to do is highlight the name and address you want and then click print. Within seconds your label is printed and then you can get that package or envelope down to your post room ready for sending out.

If you don’t want to print your labels in the boring old Times New Roman or Helvetica font then you can fear not as the Dymo Labelwriter 400 Turbo is perfectly capable of customising your labels to make them more appealing. Another benefit to this handy device is that the quality is fantastic. Every label printer is designed to create crisp and clear labels that can be easily read by postal people or couriers as well as looking professional to the recipient.

The dymo labelwriter encompasses a very popular range of products which enable you to produce address labels, shipping labels and labels for office filing quickly, neatly and without hassle.

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