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How To Ensure You Order The Right Cash Register Rolls

Processing payments and issuing receipts is a commonplace occurrence when you work in the retail or food and drink industries. The equipment and consumables, such as cash register rolls and credit card machine rolls, which enable these transactions to take place, are items which you cannot do without in this sales-orientated environment.

When it comes to the monthly or weekly stock take, these two items must always be kept readily available to ensure the smooth running of your business or retail outlet.

If you are uncertain about what size or type of cash register rolls and credit card machine rolls you need, your office products or stationery supplier should be able to advise you accordingly.

Generally speaking there are two varieties of cash register rolls – thermal and single or multi-ply. The single or multi-ply rolls are used in dot matrix or impact printers whereas the thermal paper rolls need to used in machines with a thermal print head.

There is a quick and easy method for checking if your machine has an impact printer. If you can see a ribbon, it means the device has an impact printer and you will need to order refills of single or multi-ply cash register rolls.

Certain types of impact printers may also use action paper, which instead of using ribbon uses a pressure sensitive paper. This means the print can be carried through to multiple layers of the till receipts.

Before you re-order you can save time and money by measuring your credit card machine rolls. The best way to do this is to take a full, unused roll and measure the width and diameter to make sure that the refills will fit your equipment.

It is a good idea to take advantage of bulk-buying discounts when ordering your cash register rolls or credit card machine rolls, but remember to always buy the best quality paper. Low grade paper produces more dust, which when it builds up can cause the printer to jam, so it is a good idea to check that your till rolls are made from good quality paper before you complete the purchase.

The phasing out of cheques and the rise in debit and credit card payments will only increase the use of machines to process payments and thus cause a rise in demand for till and card machine rolls in the future.

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