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Keep Your Files Safe With Cardboard Storage Boxes

Anyone who runs their own small business or manages a large organisation will appreciate that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t make your offices paper or paperwork free! Whether you are based from home or manage several office locations, keeping your files in order is really important and this is where cardboard storage boxes come in useful.

Archive storage boxes enable you to file projects, customer records and other paperwork so that it is safely tucked away but can be accessed at any time. Larger archive boxes will allow for transfer cases and suspension files to be transferred from your current filing system into the boxes, ready to be archived.

Most cardboard storage boxes come with handles so that they are easy to transport and a large label area so you can write on what the box contains – enabling you to locate the right files at a later date.

Archive storage boxes also come with either a fixed or detachable lid, to enable you to stack the boxes. They are easy to fit into storage rooms and can be stacked either on shelving or from the floor.

Cardboard storage boxes are sturdier than regular cardboard boxes and come in a range of colours so you can colour co-ordinate your files to make it easier to identify the contents, and a variety of sizes are available so you can select an archive box that fits your files or papers perfectly.

Whatever box you choose you can relax in the knowledge that your files are safe from dust and dirt and if you need to store files more securely and do not need regular access, the lids can be taped shut for added security.

Despite our advances in modern technology and the fact that most of our work is done on a computer, we cannot escape the papers and files that form a necessary part of the administration work of almost every business. So if we cannot go paper free just yet, with cardboard storage boxes we can at least ensure that those files we do have remain secure and easy to locate.

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