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5 key considerations for office planning

Whether your business is moving into new premises or you are re-organising the current set-up in your workplace, office planning is a key consideration.

Here we look at a few essential factors to think about when setting up an office space that can help you get the most out of your work surroundings.


It’s important to consider the office space you have available and work out what you can achieve with the square-footage provided. Choosing the right furniture can play an important role in optimising the space you have on offer and can help to make a crowded office seem far more spacious and airy!


Always consider the comfort of employees when you are planning the layout of your new office. It’s essential that your workplace isn’t too crowded and provides ample room for staff to move around the office and have easy access to kitchen and bathroom facilities.


The vast majority of offices require considerable storage space in order to keep important documents and materials safe and secure, so it’s important to consider how units such as filing cabinets and bookcases can fit into a work space and to understand how much space they are likely to take up.


It can be difficult to judge the acoustics of an office environment, but forward planning can make a significant difference. Consider where departments such as telephony will be based within your office and where different teams and departments should be best placed within your workspace.

Health and Safety

Making sure that health and safety regulations are met is one of the most important elements of office planning. Choosing an appropriate office layout is essential to making sure trip hazards and other safety issues are avoided and that easy access is created for all emergency exits.

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