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Update Your Office with These Upcoming Trends for 2019

Office Trends 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to update yourself on what to expect for your company in the new year. Businesses and trends change every year and it is always best to adapt to better your employees and operations.

Overall, a lot of 2019 trends involve a transformation of your office space. By switching up furniture arrangements and adding specific elements to make it a more efficient space.

Below we have listed some of the top expected office trends 2019:

Open Plan Offices

In 2019 we are expecting a sudden rise in open plan offices, knocking down the barriers in team collaboration. Removing desk divisions and creating a clear, open space can ease lines of communication, promote team work and encourage relationship building.

An open plan layout will also encourage employees to move away from their desks to walk over to the photocopier, coffee machine and storage units. Giving employees this reason to move around a few times a day can provide them with the short break they need from sitting at a desk.

Increased Mobility

The increasing use of laptops, tablets and cloud storage allows employees in modern businesses to complete their work on the go. With the convenience of not being sat behind a desk the entire working day, it also allows managers to be more flexible with their office layout.

Increasing the mobility of your work space can call for more communal working areas to boost team collaboration. This will provide teams with a more relaxed area to focus on upcoming projects.

Greener Offices

With the increasing concern for the environment, more homes and offices are searching for eco-friendly alternatives. Introducing office plants has been known to increase productivity, clean office air and reduce sickness and absence.

At the University of Technology in Sydney, their research found that office plants encouraged:

  • 37% less anxiety and tension
  • 38% less fatigue
  • 44% less anger and hostility
  • 58% less depression or dejection

Recreational Areas

Continuing from creating more relaxed work spaces, recreational areas will soon be in demand. With millennials taking a higher percentage of jobs as the years go by, new work priorities will be set in place.

Recreational areas will be essential for providing a space for employees to go away from their work schedule. Somewhere where they can clear their mind and recharge for a few minutes before returning to their duties.

These areas can be made up of cosy furniture, making employees feel at home with sofas, beanbags, coffee machines, vending machines, large cushions and games.

For More Information

At Discount Office UK we have a catalogue of office furniture and equipment to help you upgrade your office ready for the new year. With office transformations our team are here to help throughout the planning, purchasing and installation stages.

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