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Ordering Stationery Supplies For The Office

Traditionally, stationery supplies were either purchased from a stationary shop or had to be ordered from a catalogue. The latter process often took some time to do; someone from the office would need to do a quick audit of the stationery cupboard to see what had run out and what stocks were low. They would then have to manually flick through the catalogue, jotting down the codes and quantities of each product which needed to be ordered.

The order form could then either be posted directly to the stationery supplies company, or the order could be placed over the telephone. However, if a large order with lots of products needed to be made, then this could be very time consuming! There was also the risk of the wrong product code being taken down at the other end of the phone which could confuse matters. Once the stationary order had been received it would need to be processed before being shipped out to the customer, giving a turnaround time of perhaps 2 or 3 days.

These days, many stationery suppliers own a website which customers can order from directly. Instead of having to make a note of each product code, the customer can simply click on the image of the product they wish to order, type in the quantity and then add it into their basket. Orders can be very small or can be really quite large; this often has no effect on the speed of the order.

Once the order has been checked out, very often stationery companies will endeavour to deliver the items on the following working day. Occasionally, if the order takes place before noon the products can be packaged up and delivered to the customer on the same day. Although there is often a delivery fee, this is often waived on orders which cost over a certain amount.

Some stationery companies will purely just sell a range of products, but others will also be able to offer their customers advice on the range of products as well as offering after sales support.

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