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Paper Rolls Required For Business Use

Fax machines have been a staple part of office equipment for a number of years, although its use has declined recently due to the technology of email and the internet. However for many offices, particularly for small businesses, the fax machine is a crucial method of communicating information to customers or other business.

When purchasing fax paper rolls for your fax machine, it is essential to choose a good quality roll which will not jam the fax machine. Many rolls of paper contain a 1 metre end of roll warning strip, ensuring the fax machine should never be out of paper. Most office equipment supply companies will sell fax paper rolls in bulk, which therefore reduces the overall cost of the paper.

Thermal till roll is a fairly new phenomenon. The roll is made from heat sensitive paper, which gives a much clearer image, and no ribbon is required. The paper has a heat sensitive coating which reacts to a heated print head to produce an image. It can be used for till and cash registers, as well as credit card and chip and pin machines, which are essential for all retailers. Thermal till roll is made from one ply paper, and has a smooth and shiny surface. The roll is available in a variety of colours, although the most popular colour is white.

It is recommended that businesses should use Grade A till rolls, as non-Grade A till rolls can create a lot of dust. This dust can case a build-up in the cash register, and will eventually cause the printer to jam. Although the non-Grade A paper may be cheaper to buy, in the long run it will cost the business more money, should it need to replace the cash register printer.
Although many offices are heading towards an eco-friendly, paperless environment, many would argue that there is still a need in a modern day office for a fax machine.

For days when the internet server is not responding, the fax machine can communicate information quickly and efficiently. For this reason, office equipment stores will continue to supply fax paper rolls whilst there is still a demand.

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