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The next time you place an order for cheap stationary for your office or home-based business, spare a thought for the peddlers and craftsmen who would have spent hours out in all weather conditions to sell such items at fairs and gatherings during the medieval period.

In the pre-printing era, all documents were hand written and it is during the ‘manuscript culture’ of the 13th -15th centuries that we find evidence of the term ‘stationery’ being used.  At this time, the writing of manuscripts was the only method of recording and disseminating information and scribes would need to get their materials from somewhere.

A ‘stationer’ was probably given that name because his book shop was in a fixed spot, often close to a university where the writing and trading of manuscripts was regulated.  He would also be responsible for deciding which books would be popular and arranging to copy the texts.

Whilst looking through your cheap office stationery you will no doubt come across the post-it notes, printer inks, staplers and glue but the early stationer’s primary role was to source, copy and sell books.

Stationers, as we now think of them, first came around from the late 17th century, at a time when the elite members of European society began to see the importance of sending handwritten invitations and announcements of social occasions.

To indicate their social status and level of education, people would send handwritten announcements.  Even after industrialisation drove down the cost of printing in the 19th century, they would have considered themselves to be doing the ‘proper’ thing by personalising invitations.

Cheap office stationery is a must for every business, after all you are making your own very important announcements to the world each time you print off a sales letter, compile a report or send an email.

Today, cheap stationary suppliers have adapted their selling tactics in order to compete with the increasing power of electronic media.  Their product ranges have increased to include personal electronic equipment, computer software and hardware and office machinery.  All good suppliers will also have websites where customers can order directly online.

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