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The Benefits Of Using A5 Laminating Pouches

When laminating items to make them more durable and easy to wipe clean you need to also consider that these items need to be completely sealed in order to stop the paper or card inside from sustaining water damage. With A5 laminating pouches you can create this seal with anything that you laminate to help give it that extra protection.

The pouches, which come in a range of sizes, from A2 down to credit card laminating pouches, work inside your laminator and enabling it to seal the paper. When they are used correctly, laminating pouches enable you to completely seal whatever you want to laminate.

Laminating pouches also come in a range of thicknesses so they are suitable for different applications. They range in thickness from 150 micron to 500 micron, with the 500 micron pouches being the thickest. The thickness is calculated by adding the thickness of each side of the pouch – for example a 150 micron laminating pouch is made up of two 75 micron sides.

Typically, laminating pouches are sealed on the shortest side and left open on the remaining sides to make it easy for you to position the item you are laminating.
When choosing laminating pouches you will need to consider the size of the items you wish to laminate. A2 to A5 laminating pouches are useful for creating presentation materials and reference items which can be used over and over again whereas credit card laminating pouches will enable you to seal and protect ID cards and name badges.

Photographs and glossy prints can also be laminated if you choose the correct pouch size and thickness.

Whatever you want to laminate, whether it is a poster for display purposes or identification tags for security purposes at your premises, remember to choose the correct size and thickness of pouch for your laminator – such as 160 micron A5 laminating pouches or 200 micron credit card laminating pouches – then you can get busy sealing and protecting your important items.

If you want to find out more about A5 laminating pouches why not visit our website where you can browse our full range of office products including credit card laminating pouches.

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