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Why Wallplanners are Making a Comeback

Traditionally the walls of offices would be adorned with planners and calendars as there was no other way of keeping up to date with important meetings, projects in progress and dates to remember. With the introduction of computer based calendar programmes and more recently, smart phones, you might think wallplanners have had their day but we believe they are making a comeback.

Over recent months we’ve seen an increase in the number of customers enquiring about and ordering wall planners, so why do we think this is?

One explanation might be that given the multitude of electronic devices we all use nowadays, sometimes it is just easier to glance at the wall and know where you need to be. As we rely on a mobile phone connection and the internet to make various applications work, sometimes the old fashioned paper products do the job just as well.



Another reason for the popularity of yearly wall planners is that they are the perfect way of sharing information in an office without clogging up everyone’s inboxes and taking over their email calendars. By hanging a wallplanner up in the office, everyone can see at a glance when meetings are taking place and when members of staff have time off.

We think the fact that wall planners often come with a laminated surface makes them more appealing as it is easy to wipe them clean and replace a calendar entry if you need to. Most planners also come with a pen and stickers so you’re ready to get adding your important dates straight away.


Cost, is probably the final factor. With our wallplanners starting at just £3.99 it’s a great price to pay for a whole year’s worth of organisation. You’ll never miss another important meeting and if you need to double check any dates from your email calendar you’ll have the master copy to refer to on the wall.

We hope that the wall planner continues to adorn the walls of workplaces across the country as they help keep us organised, provide a useful point of reference and in many cases brighten up the room!

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