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A Tidy Desk Equals a Tidy Mind – Encouraging a Clear Desk Policy

There’s nothing truer than the saying ‘a tidy desk equals a tidy mind’, and at Discount Office we love to help people streamline their working environment. But what are the benefits of a clean desk policy, and how can the right office equipment help?

tidy desk

  1. It saves time


When you or your employees have an untidy, disorganised desk it can mean that key information gets lost or even worse, stolen. By organising notes and paperwork through using the right types of lever arch files and archive storage, you can ensure that you know where everything is, at all times. This means that you can work quicker and smarter, reduce wasted time and ultimately, increase profits. It can also keep confidential information private, rather than it being on display for all to see.

  1. It helps you think clearly

Having an untidy desk can mean that you or your employees may find it difficult to concentrate and reduce performance. Keeping your office environment tidy through using things like desk tidies, letter trays and magazine racks can mean that there’s less risk of distraction and more headspace to focus on the task in hand.

  1. You can streamline lists and reminders

While some people are list lovers, not everyone has a process that works for them. By using tools like sticky notes, you and your team can be clear on what’s on your to do list, and what needs to be marked up ready for later in the day. This offers a clear system that makes everyone’s lives easier and reduces the need for messy scraps of paper all over the desks.

  1. You make a good impression

You never know who might visit your office, so it’s important to keep it looking clean and clutter free at all times. Doing this will give off the right impression, whereas an untidy office with paper, mess and stationery lying around screams unorganised chaos.

  1. You inspire creativity

A clear desk can be seen as a blank slate that inspires the imagination and stops the creative process being interrupted by unsightly scribbles or clutter. If you’re struggling to find a home for all of the things on your desk, take a look at the types of products available for keeping your desk tidy.


If you want to increase your team’s productivity through ensuring they keep their desks clear and clutter free, call us today on: 0800 298 57 42. Our wide range of office products are sure to fit the bill.




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