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How Discount Office UK Is Helping Offices To Run Smoothly

Keeping an office tidy is not only important in terms of health and safety, but is also a key element in helping a business to run smoothly and efficiently. Documents and folders should be filed away where the relevant staff members can easily find them in a hurry, and anything private and confidential should be secured in a lockable cupboard. Here at Discount Office UK we take pride in offering a wide range of office furniture items which can help businesses to stay organised and ahead of their game.

Of course, it is vital that any office workers who spend long periods of time at a desk should be sat on a chair which is the right height for the desk and user and is also comfortable. Using a VDU screen for hours at a time can have implications on posture and eye health, so it’s important that workers have risk assessments carried out to ensure they have the right equipment and everything is adjusted to suit their own size. We offer a range of chairs to suit all budgets, from economy operators chairs to executive chairs which have height adjustable arms as well as back tilt adjustments.

Once the staff are sitting comfortably, it’s time to look at the best places to store the necessary equipment and documents within the office. Most office workers will require a PC but may share a networked printer with a team of colleagues. Have a look at where to store the printer – can it be kept on one person’s desk or should it be kept on a table on its own in case confidential papers are regularly printed out?

Office storage is also important as messy desks can result in paper being misplaced and vital information lost. Anything confidential should be locked away, especially if external visitors often visit the office.

At Discount Office UK we have a wide range of office supplies, both large and small, which can help to keep a business running smoothly. Our prices are highly competitive and we offer some fantastic discounts to both new and existing customers.

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