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How Handwriting Can Add a Personal Touch to Your Business

As we stumble through the digital revolution, we witness a downward spiral in the number of handwritten letters. Instead, we are seeing a growth in robotic computer fonts that convey little personality nor passion for our businesses and our colleagues lacking in pride while typing them. The way in which you dot your i’s and loop your y’s can add a personal touch to every letter you pen and convey a message in a way that no keyboard can.


There are many reasons to take up the habit of handwriting more often for your business, such as:

  1. Retaining Research

For many, handwriting research notes has proven to be most effective in helping them process information. During a study conducted on 650 students from 10 countries worldwide, the students explained how handwriting their research notes was their favoured method of revision.

Apply this to a working environment, and you may find yourself working with a team rejuvenating their productivity as they begin to absorb more knowledge than ever before.

  1. Sentimental Value

In a world where 269 billion emails and over 1 billion Facebook messages are sent per day, seeing that someone has taken the time to sit down and beautifully pen a handwritten letter to you has been known to have a lot more sentimental value in the eyes of the receiver.

  1. Boosting Happiness Levels

Composing handwritten documents has been proven to boost overall mood levels. Steve Toepfer at Kent State University lead a study that explored this concept and found that the practise of writing thoughtful letters demonstrated an increase in happiness and satisfaction, as well as diminishing some symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In the workplace, you will find employees a lot more at ease and productive when they are given the opportunity to take a break from the screens to handwrite their work.

  1. Conveying Personality

Your handwriting style can often personify your personality, which is why handwritten slogans and letters could work great for your branding. Lawyers and solicitors may take a more formal approach with classic calligraphy, artists and nurseries may choose more casual, colourful fonts for a fun and creative edge and high-profile influencers may have their go-to pen that allows their signature to be recognised every time.

  1. It’s More Exciting

And lastly, receiving a handwritten letter from a figure of authority, such as the head of a company, can be an exciting experience and can make the receiver feel more valued. A handwritten letter can convey a range of emotions, such as being proud, genuine or grateful. It shows time and effort being put aside to create something so simple, yet so meaningful.

So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on pens to get yourself started.

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