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Must-Have Desk Accessories for Home and Office Workstations

Whether you work at home or in an office environment there are some essential desk items you are always likely to need. Here we look at just a few of the office accessories to consider when stocking up your remote or office-based workstation.

Pens and pencils

ballpoint pens

These may be considered the most basic of office items, but we all need a pen or pencil at some point or other! Stocking up on these office essentials is unlikely to be very expensive, with bulk purchases saving you money and making sure that you’re never caught short when you need to scribble down a message or take down some notes.

Flash Drives

Modern office desktops are largely computer focused so the ability to store, save and move documents from your PC or laptop is increasing important. Flash Drives offer a quick and compact method of keeping your data safe, especially when you work between different office spaces.

Printing Paper

Printing paper

If you have a printer or copier at home or in your office premises, you’ll be aware that printing paper has a nasty habit of running out! Stocking up is a great idea and is surprisingly affordable when purchased in bulk, especially if you work in an environment that requires a high amount of printed materials.


From lamps and phone handsets to computer equipment and wall-clocks, there are a large amount of important desktop items that require battery power. We offer a great range of Duracell battery options suitable for most appliances and with some excellent discounts.

Waste bins

Wherever your work station is based, waste bins are pretty much essential for avoiding clutter and a build-up of unwanted paperwork. Making a modest investment in a bin for your office space may have a positive effect on your productivity!

How can we help?

Discount Office UK have more than 17 years of experience providing high-quality office supplies to keep businesses running smoothly. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service and, as a result, we’ve built up a loyal customer base whose testimonials speak for themselves.

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