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New Year: Restock and Prepare Your Office For 2019

prepare your office

New Year is the time for new beginnings and fresh starts, so in terms of your business it’s time to review your company goals and evaluate your progress so far.

Look into setting New Year resolutions to keep your team motivated with targets to aim for, but remember, the key to success is to be prepared!

As the old saying goes: “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.


  1. Stock up on equipment

Before getting into Christmas holiday mode organise and restock your office ready to kickstart 2019 at full speed. Assign each department with a list so they can record what needs to be re-stocked, ready for a large order. Remember not to forget any equipment you have been meaning to stock that keeps dropping to the bottom of your to-do list.

Stationary, folders, printer toners and cartridges are always great to buy in bulk, so you always have spares. This approach also saves taking time out of your working day to collect some at retail price from a local store. Larger office furniture such as desks and cabinets can also be a good addition for the New Year in order to upgrade your office space.


  1. Enforce a new schedule

Monitor your progress throughout 2019 to identify potential threats and opportunities early for more efficient progress. Efficient monitoring can be completed during routine team meetings, where each department joins together to discuss their progress and concerns.

To keep your team informed, employ the use of an office wall calendar or provide 2019 diaries for each department. This will help them to keep track of upcoming deadlines and other corporate events.


  1. Consider employee promotions

Make 2019 the year of progression for some of your employees by considering if there are any deserved promotions. Think of who has continued to surpass their targets, demonstrated dedication by volunteering for overtime or joined at the start of the year and shown real progress.

Promotions are fantastic for recognising employee performance and commitment, as well as being great for employee retainment and motivation. It also provides employees something to aim for, knowing there is chance for career progression.


  1. Reorganise your space

A clear space creates a clear mind. Organising your cabinets can keep operations running smoothly to help employees keep on track after a long Christmas break. Having a thorough re-organisation session can also make employees feel accomplished, on track and more productive.

You may even consider completely rearranging your office. An open office plan can be achieved by ditching desk dividers and moving storage units to the edges of the room. This has been known to encourage teams to be more collaborative and form more convenient lines of communication.


  1. Don’t leave it too late

Start 2019 feeling prepared and refreshed by not leaving your equipment restock until the very last minute. Get ahead today by placing your order a couple weeks early to make 2019 your best year for business yet!


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