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Office Supplies Hacks to Help You Be More Productive at Work

office supplies

We’ve all been there.  Lingering at the stationery cupboard wondering what an earth we came over for, or idly tapping our fingers on the desk because we can’t remember where we filed something.  Familiar as it may sound, disorganisation may be one of the key reasons why you’re not getting everything done in a typical working day.  So what kind of office supplies and processes do you need to invest in to make you more productive?


We reveal our top five hacks:


Buy Good Storage

The best way to be organised at work is by having somewhere to keep your stuff – from paper to envelopes, ink cartridges to personal belongings, having furniture around you that also doubles up as or features storage capacity can help you to be more efficient.  Remember too that with the new data protection regulation coming into force in the EU in May 2018, you’ll need to demonstrate that any client data you hold is kept safely and securely, so if you are in charge of any important documents, ensure your storage is sturdy, lockable and accessible only by you or other keyholders.


Keep a bin handy

Desks too often become overcrowded with rubbish, empty wrappers and papers that you no longer need, making it hard to find the things you really need to get your job done.  You might think you’ll ‘get around to it’ but if you don’t keep a bin handy, it will be all too easy to just leave the rubbish where it is.  If you and your company are committed to being green, why not have two bins – one for regular rubbish and one for recycling?


Divide up your workspace

Just as you can divide your rubbish up into different bins, so too can you compartmentalise your workspace to enable you to switch easily between tasks.   If, like many people, your job involves digital and non-digital activity – i.e. tasks you need to do on the computer and tasks that need pen and paper – then setting aside space to do each properly can save you time and focus your mind on the task in hand.


Clear the clutter

Whether it’s empty cups or computer cables, it all contributes to an untidy workspace.  Not only are you increasing the risk of damage to yourself and giving germs and open invitation to breed, but by not keeping your desk tidy, you’ll be hampering your own creativity and focus.  Tidy desk, tidy mind ?


Organise your office supplies

No workplace is complete without a supply of stationery and office supplies.  Whether it’s pens and pencils, staplers, glue, scissors or printer consumables, we all need somewhere to store the essentials in such a fashion that they can be retrieved in an emergency i.e. prior to a meeting that you are already late for, or at 4.55pm on a Friday when you just need to finish something before you knock-off for the weekend!  Invest in a desk tidy, pedestal with drawer inserts, filing cabinet or storage baskets to keep everything you need close to hand and organised into separate sections.


Once your workspace is organised, you’ll be needing to stock up on office supplies, so speak to the friendly team at Discount Office on 0800 298 5742 for help in choosing what you need.

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