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Stock Up Your Workplace With Office Supplies In 2014

If your New Year’s resolution is never to run out of pens then you have come to the right place.  Stocking up on your office stationery might seem like the last thing on your mind in the run up to Christmas but when you get back to work in January and there is nothing to write on or with, you’ll be sorry!

If you wanrecycled office papert to make 2014 the year your business goes Green then using recycled paper products could be the best place to start.  Recycled paper can be used for general purposes such as in the photocopier or for writing on and it is also suitable for use in a laser or inkjet printers.  You can also buy recycled pens, made from 100% recycled plastic and just as durable and pleasant to write with as any other ballpoint pen.

ring binders


Once the paper and pens are sorted it’s time to start thinking about the archiving and filing so materials that are not needed on a daily basis can be stored away neatly but in such a way that they can be easily found if required.  Storage materials can include a wide range of products such as ring binders, document wallets and archive boxes – all useful materials even in offices that rely heavily on digital media to get their work done.

No office can function these days without computer supplies and peripherals so when stocking up on your paper supplies this year remember to also keep a good supply of mice, mouse mats, laser toners and inkjet cartridges.

If you are likely to be entertaining this year or just want to keep the staff happy then ensuring a good supply of catering and cleaning supplies is vital to a harmonious workplace.  Whilst ordering your office supplies, stationery and technology peripherals it is also possible to pick up tea, coffee and janitorial supplies.

At Discount Office we offer all of the above and many more categories of office supplies including office furniture so why not visit our website and get your office stocked up ready for a busy year at work?

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