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Why a Paper Desk Diary Continues To Stand the Test of Time

In today’s world, digital clearly rules the roost. Constant developments in technology allow us to hold a piece of it in our hands, bags or pockets at all times, with important information just a few button clicks or finger taps away. Handheld technology and universal access to the internet allows us to communicate and source information so much quicker than ever before.

In most cases, new technology wins over paper, for example; email is far superior to sending letters through the post as it is much faster, and there is less chance of them getting lost, and Sat Navs and Google Maps make it much easier for people to find their way around than an old A to Z. However, despite our reliance on electronic technology, there are still certain paper items that stand the test of time.

A4 desk diary

Paper diaries have been around for centuries, allowing people to write in important dates and anniversaries, amongst other notes and important information. For many businesses, although computers are absolutely essential to the smooth running of things, desk diaries continue to be in use by many employees, even if only to note down information before inputting it into a computer system.

It can be argued that a desk diary is superior to an electronic planner in many ways:

  • Trust – when you see information written in your own handwriting, you are often more likely to trust it. On the other hand, it can be harder to trust information stored on an electronic diary, not to mention, for many people, the idea of your important information being stored on the cloud is very stressful.
  • Speed – While new technology is all about being the fastest and most efficient, it can be argued that writing in and finding information in a paper desk diary is actually much faster than inputting or looking up information from an electronic diary on a phone, tablet or computer. In many cases, to be able to access an electronic diary, you have to input a security password before then having to go through a few steps to either find a date or note, or add a new appointment. With a paper diary, it only takes a few seconds to open it up to the write page and scribble in a note, or find a some previously written information
  • Privacy – It is universally thought of as rude to look in someone else’s diary, so you are likely to have a lot more privacy with a traditional desk diary. Most companies on the other hand have shared online diaries, so you are unable to write private pieces of information without your co-workers or employers seeing, even if by accident. Your colleagues can also see when you are free and take advantage of this by booking you into meetings an appointments, whereas with a paper diary, you have more control over your diary.
  • Physical – One of the best things about a traditional desk diary is that you can enjoy the physical object. You can choose a diary in a certain size, style or colour. If you prefer to keep your notes brief, you may prefer an A5 desk diary, or if you prefer to make more detailed notes, or are likely to have numerous appointments and events to write about on different days, it may be worth choosing a larger size such as an A4 desk diary.

A5 desk diary

Finally, one of the most important reasons for a desk diary having an advantage over an electronic diary or calendar, is that it encourages us to communicate. When information is displayed on a shared electronic diary, this takes away the need to talk. This can even be the case in a family that uses a shared diary; rather than having a conversation about what each person has planned, this information is already available, removing the need for the communication that is an essential part of family life.

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