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Things You Didn’t Know About Office Stationery

Understandably, office stationery isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fun facts and trivia, but even the most mundane and everyday items can have an interesting fact or story behind them – even your office supplies. Pens and pencils had to come from somewhere.

  • In most offices, paper is used in some form every day. What many people don’t know is that paper was said to have been developed in China by Cai Lun, a eunuch of the Han Court during the early years of the second century AD. However, the earliest found fragments of paper as opposed to papyrus derive from the second century BC, also in China. In the modern day world, China is the global leading producer of paper, with the United States of America in second place.
  • The modern legal pad evolved in the early twentieth century after a Judge asked for a margin to be drawn onto the left hand side of his paper, thus becoming the first legal pad as we know today, commonly found as a part of almost all business’s office supplies.
  • The first known stapler was made for King Louis XV of France in the eighteenth century and every staple was etched with the insignia of the royal court. During the nineteenth century, as the use of paper increased massively, the demand for an efficient form of paper fastener grew, leading to the stapler growing in popularity. In 1866, American George McGill created a patented precursor to the modern paperclip, with fellow America Henry R. Heyl creating the first machines to insert and clinch a staple in one step ten years later.
  • The pencil was created in the sixteenth century after a huge deposit of solid graphite was discovered in Cumbria. As this form of graphite was extremely solid, it could easily be sawn in to sticks and used to mark things. The first wood encased pencils date back to around 1560.
  • Before the rubber eraser was invented, many people used crusts of bread or breadcrumbs to remove pencil markings from paper. An English engineer named Edward Nairne is credited with creating and developing the first widely sold and marketed rubber eraser, after mistakenly picking up a piece of rubber instead of breadcrumbs and discovering its effective erasing properties.

If you have any more interesting facts or anecdotes about office stationery or wish to find honest priced office supplies, then why not contact us at Discount Office UK.

3 For 2 On Selected Thermal Rolls From Discount Office UK

As a local, family run office supplies business based in the West Midlands, we pride ourselves on being honest in offering our customers our best prices, rather than practicing in perception selling or stealthily increasing our prices. At Discount Office UK, we do what we can to help small businesses stay afloat and organised by helping them to stay stocked up in office supplies.

In a time when more and more people pay for products or services using a credit or debit card, rather than a cash or cheque payment, it is important for businesses to have enough thermal rolls in stock to cater for demand for receipts for both customer as well as finance records. At Discount Office UK, we are currently offering a 3 for the price of 2 on selected thermal rolls for PDQ machines, cash registers and adding machines.

Our thermal rolls are supplied in packs of 20 rolls helping businesses to have sufficient stock to suit demand. With our products priced at up to 77% below their recommended retail price, Discount Office UK thermal rolls are extremely competitively priced. With these low prices combined with a 3 for the price of 2 offer on selected rolls, small businesses can stand to save a lot of money on high demand items such as thermal rolls.

We can cater for most small business’s demands for thermal rolls and other cheap office supplies due to our vast range of products. We supply a wide variety of thermal rolls for most cash registers and credit card or PDQ machines; we stock a large number of different sized thermal rolls in order for businesses to find the right size for their till or payment appliance.

For companies that need help or advice in purchasing thermal rolls, at Discount Office UK we aim to give customers complete confidence in their purchase and are proud to offer the very best in pre-sales advice and service. Though it is our aim for all of our customers to be completely satisfied, we are always on hand to give after-sales support and deal with any queries.

Why You Need Cheap Office Supplies When Setting Up In Business

If you are setting up in business, once you have your premises, electronic equipment and furniture sorted the next step is to find a good supplier of discount office supplies to keep your business ticking over smoothly.

A packet of biros and a few pads of printer paper are not enough to keep an office running smoothly and you will need to invest in a wide range of cheap office supplies to efficiently manage your working environment and enable staff to do their jobs properly.

You could start by compiling a master list of the equipment you will require.  Pretty much all offices need pens, paper, folders and storage, paper clips, glue, scissors, printer supplies (paper, ink and toner), whiteboards and markers, post-it notes, screen wipes, staplers and the all-important supply of tea, coffee and biscuits to keep everyone going.

A good office is a well-supplied office too, so remember that once the initial order has been placed you will need to keep an eye on the levels of stock so the necessary items can be re-ordered before supplies deplete.

With a large workforce it may be best to assign an office manager who can take responsibility for ordering stationary and other required items on a regular basis.  This will also ensure that stock levels remain constant and that people know who to ask if they run out of something.

Storing extra items away in a stationary cupboard is a good idea as people don’t want to find themselves tripping over boxes of paper or having to use their desk drawers to stash away packs of printer inks and if you don’t want to see pen supplies disappear altogether keep this cupboard locked!

To make life simpler, you can also order your discount office supplies over the internet.  Your previous purchases can be viewed on your supplier’s website too which makes it easier to keep track of what needs re-ordering and when.

And so, if you want to set up an office and make sure it is fully functional, you cannot do so without also setting up an account with a provider of cheap office supplies.