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Everyday Office Essentials: First Aid Kit

In order to comply with government HSE requirements, all employers have a responsibility to make sure that all of their employees have access to instant attention should they fall ill or suffer from an injury in the work place. The level of first aid arrangements that must be put into place will differ dependent on how risky a workplace is; how likely is it that a member of staff will be injured or taken ill at work?

For a low risk environment such as a small office, HSE code of practice states that the minimum requirements are that a workplace should have a suitably stocked first aid kit for all likely workplace injuries, and a member of staff that is appointed and trained as a first aider. A first aid kit should always contain sufficient quantities of standard first aid materials as well as any extra materials that may be required for particular workplace circumstances.

According to the government health and safety authority, HSE, a standard first aid box should contain the following:

  • A guidance leaflet giving general and basic advice on first aid
  • 2 eye pads
  • 2 triangular bandages
  • 6 safety pins
  • 2 large un-medicated wound dressings
  • 6 medium un-medicated dressings
  • gloves
  • 20 sterile plasters

In a small office, a well-stocked first aid kit is every bit as much of an everyday essential as pens, paper and other stationery supplies. An office’s first aid box must be constantly restocked, much in the same way that stationery supplies are, however, this is essential in order to comply with government standards.

As a first aid kit is just as important on a daily basis as other office supplies, it is important to be able to order a fully stocked HSE compliant first aid dispenser just as you would with general office supplies. At Discount Office UK, we pride ourselves in providing a completely HSE compliant first aid kit that is suitable for up to 10 people, exceeding the minimum approved code of practice. Recommended for retail at £19.99, the Initiative First Aid Dispenser is available from Discount Office UK at the special offer of £15.99.

First Aid Kit FA6791

Initiative First Aid Kit FA6791

For more information on health and safety compliant first aid kits and other office essentials, you can contact Discount Office UK on 0800 298 57 42.