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Workplace Essentials for Keeping Your Computer Clean

When you work on a computer every day, it is inevitable that your computer will quickly get dirty. Even if you make a conscious effort to keep your workspace clean and tidy on a weekly, or even daily basis, your computer, computer monitor, mouse and keyboard can quickly become dusty and dirty. Cleaning your computer can be very frustrating, as just as quickly as it takes you to make it dust free, it will hardly take any longer for the dust to return.

In some cases, using the wrong cleaning products can lead to a quicker build-up of dust and dirt. Wipes and sprays that aren’t designed for a computer monitor can leave the screen looking dirty and smudged, and many wet wipes can attract dust. What many people don’t realise is that there are a number of useful and cost effective products that are specifically designed for computer cleaning:

air dusterAerosol Air Dusters

When cleaning your computer, you will likely find that there are many areas that aren’t easily accessible. Whilst you may be able to effectively clean most areas of your computer and keyboard, when there is dust stuck between keys, or inside the fan ducts of your computer, this can really stand out. Aerosol air dusters contain compressed HFC free gas and are designed to blow dust and debris out of less accessible areas of your electronic appliances, including your computer, keyboard, laptop or printer.

computer screen wipesScreen Cleaning Wipes

PC/screen cleaning wipes can be bought to effectively clean all glass and plastic surfaces of your computer and other office equipment, for example, printers, plastic PC housings and casings. However, when it comes to keeping your screen clean, specialist screen cleaning wet and dry wipes can be much more effective.

Using a wet screen cleaning wipe, you can wipe dust and debris away from your screen without leaving any smears. When using a wet wipe, dust in the air can quickly stick to the screen, and many tissues and cloths can also leave debris on the screen if they are used to wipe it dry. Low lint drying cloths are much more effective at wiping a screen dry and can be bought in packs with non-smearing wet wipes. By regularly using wet and dry wipes, you can keep your screen in a much cleaner and clearer state.

computer foam cleanerFoam Cleaner

Once you have used an air duster to blow all loose dust and debris away, an anti-static foam cleaner can then be used to clean all plastic and metal surfaces of your printer without attracting a fast build-up of dust. This type of cleaner is effective for cleaning textures surfaces that are common on computer housings and casings. It is important not to use foam cleaner on computer screens as it is not designed for this kind of surface and is likely to do more harm than good.

If you are looking for a workplace essentials supplier, or would like to learn more about computer cleaning products, please call Discount Office UK on 0800 298 5742.

When Did You Last Clean Your Desk at Work?

Be honest, do you clean your workstation regularly? Or, like most people, do you tend to leave it until the layer of dust on the base of your monitor becomes so thick you could write your name in it? You might not find it a top priority to clean your desk on a regular basis, but if you knew that the average desk harbours 10 million bacteria, which is 400 more than a toilet seat – would that motivate you to do something about it?

Let’s look at a few other statistics:

  • The average office desk holds 100 times more germs than a kitchen worktop
  • Your keyboard, chair and mouse contain 21,000 germs per square inch
  • Over half of all office workers eat their lunch at their desk
  • We touch our faces up to 16 times every hour


So now that we have the facts, we can see that it really is important to clean our desks more than just once every few months. Ideally, you should clean your workstation every day, but once a week is probably more realistic. Not only will this encourage you to keep your workstation organised, but it will also help to reduce the risk of you picking up some nasty bugs from the plethora of bacteria cultivating on your desk. Incidentally, this could also help to reduce sickness absence within the organisation.

What types of office cleaning products should you be using?

There are all sorts of handy products and gadgets designed to help you to keep your office desk clean. As most of us are pushed for time when at work, it’s fine to use disposable wipes to save having to wash dusters and cloths. You can buy specialist screen and keyboard wipes wPressurised air keyboard cleanerhich won’t leave smears on your computer screen and are also simple and quick to use. Pressurised air dusters are perfect for blowing the dust and sandwich crumbs from between your keyboard keys and other tricky to reach areas. Don’t forget to give your telephone handset a clean with a sanitising wipe, as telephones are notorious for harbouring unhealthy germs.


How else can you reduce the build-up of bacteria on your desk?

The simplest solution is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water regularly. Use a hand sanitising gel before and after you eat, and give your desk a wipe with an anti-bacterial wipe if you really do have to eat at your desk. Most importantly – if you are unwell, stay away from work! Try and work from home if you feel up to it, but your colleagues and bosses really won’t appreciate it if you share your unwanted germs with everyone else in the office.

Set up a cleaning rota with everyone in the office so that you all make use of your office cleaning supplies once a week. If you need your stock replenishing, feel free to visit the Discount Office UK website at or give the team a call on 0800 298 5742.