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Five ways to get great value from your office furniture

If you’re planning an office revamp this year or just want to make the best of your work space, we have some top tips to help you get the most from your office furniture.

At the end of the day, price isn’t the only consideration and there are other ways to realise the value of your items of office furniture.

Whether you want to transform just one office or the entire workplace, here are some tips on how to get great value from your office furniture:

Think ahead – you may just need one chair or a couple of extra filing cabinets now but what about that new member of staff starting next month or the meeting room that you’ve been thinking about updating for some time? By planning ahead rather than just satisfying your immediate needs you can save yourself money by buying in bulk and sticking to just one delivery fee, if this applies to your order.

Measure up – there is nothing more embarrassing than having office furniture delivered only to find that it is too small or too big to fit in the desired spot. It is always advisable to take measurements more than once or get two people to measure the same spot or item of furniture to ensure you’re being accurate when choosing furniture to fit. It is also worth considering access – how easy will it be to get larger items to their desired location? Will you need to use different doorways and is there anything that might block your way? By thinking about these logistical elements now you’ll save yourself time and stress once your furniture arrives.

Delivery – as well as thinking about the practicalities of delivery you will need to consider the cost. It might be you can get your office furniture cheaper elsewhere but if the delivery is expensive and takes a long time you may be better off buying from another provider. If you are planning refurbishment works prior to having your furniture delivered, then speak to your provider so that everything can be co-ordinated.

Added extras – Think about what else your office furniture supplier can provide – from colour swatches to office products and equipment to kit out your new work spaces.

Getting great value isn’t just about getting a great price, it’s about getting a great service. At Discount Office we can provide your office furniture and office supplies at competitive prices with friendly customer service. We’ll sort everything out so you can focus on your core business duties and add value to your business by providing a prompt, efficient service.

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Could New Office Furniture Do Wonders For Your Working Environment?

As we spend so much time in the office over a week, it’s important that we create the best possible working environment for us to feel comfortable, happy, organised and motivated. By ensuring that staff have the right office furniture for their working environment, employers can have a very positive effect on staff morale.

Ensuring that offices have suitable storage can also go a long way towards improving productivity. An organised office is a productive office, so by providing plenty of efficient storage space such as cupboards and filing cabinets, businesses can benefit considerably.

Could your office benefit from an office furniture update?

Is your office furniture in need of an update?

If you are looking to find an efficient and cost effective solution to replacing your office furniture, you can call Discount Office UK on 0800 298 5742 or visit for assistance.

Why Honesty Is Always Our Policy When It Comes To Your Office Stationery Supplies

It is not uncommon for office stationery retailers to use tactics like offering low prices for goods that they do not currently have in stock, simply to gain the interest of potential customers and lure them in to the rest of the site. In addition to this, many stationery firms will also offer very low prices to new customers, whilst increasing prices for existing customers to make up for the losses of lowering prices.

At Discount Office UK, we are honest about our stationery. We do advertise our low prices, however, our products are in stock, and our prices remain the same whether our customers are brand new or have been getting their supplies from us for a long time. Rather than hooking customers in with clever price reductions, we simply offer our best price to all customers or potential customers.

We believe that just as important as offering customers competitive and fair prices for their office stationery supplies, is providing a friendly, professional, honest and transparent service. With nearly twenty years of experience in the office supplies business, we still pride ourselves on giving a personal and knowledgeable service. If ever you have any questions or are in need of advice about a certain product or line of products, we will be happy to help.

We offer a vast array of office stationery, from pens and pencils, filing goods, to office furniture, all of which we can guarantee are offered at our lowest possible price. By coming to us to supply all of your stationery needs, you can stand to save money by having fewer suppliers to manage, and therefore fewer shipping costs. A greater advantage of turning to one company to provide all of your office supplies is that all items will arrived at the same time if they are in the same order.

If you would like to learn more about what office stationery and supplies we have to offer, you can visit

Office Furniture – Choosing The Right Chair For Your Office

For the vast majority of office based employees, the working week follows the same nine to five routine, a large percentage of which time is spent sitting down at a desk. As a result of this, back pain continues to be a problem in many businesses, just as often amongst office employees as manual workers.

In some cases, employees may be forced to take time off from work in order to recover from back pain, resulting in a decline of productivity. In order to combat this, as well as to promote the importance of health and safety in the work place, many employers are looking to make use of ergonomic office furniture and supplies, for example, a specially designed and back-friendly operator chair.

There are a number of factors that you must take into account when choosing the right operator chair to suit you, providing comfort and benefitting your health:

  • Firstly, it is important to take into consideration that all people have slightly different requirements. This means that an office chair should be chosen for the individual rather than taking a one size fits all approach. A chair that is ideal for one person could cause issues for another person.
  • Being able to adjust your seat height is very important. Ideally, you should be able to sit with your feet flat on the ground and your legs parallel with your hips. You should also be able to hold your arms at the height of the desk.
  • Sufficient back support is vital for a comfortable chair. This means that the backrest of a chair should support the whole back, not just the top. A backrest should follow the natural inward curve of the spine, projecting forward at the bottom to give essential support to the lower back, whilst the top of the backrest accommodates the curve of your upper back and shoulders.
  • As well as back pains, repetitive strain injury is also highly common in an office environment where employees typically make repetitive movements throughout the day; typing, for example. Arm rests can help to prevent this, especially when you are taking a break from typing. Arm rests should allow you to bend your arms at a comfortable angle whilst also leaving your shoulders relaxed. An ergonomic operator chair may have a feature that allows arm rests to be adjustable.
  • Finally, a comfortably cushioned seat is crucial, particularly for people who will be seated for anything up to eight hours a day. When seated for such long periods, a soft padded chair with light, breathable fabric can massively benefit your posture.

More and more businesses are realising the impact that ergonomic chairs and office furniture in general can make to their workforce. Employees that feel physically and mentally comfortable are much more likely to feel positive and productive in their work.

For more information on office furniture and ergonomic chairs, you can visit Discount Office UK.





How Discount Office UK Is Helping Offices To Run Smoothly

Keeping an office tidy is not only important in terms of health and safety, but is also a key element in helping a business to run smoothly and efficiently. Documents and folders should be filed away where the relevant staff members can easily find them in a hurry, and anything private and confidential should be secured in a lockable cupboard. Here at Discount Office UK we take pride in offering a wide range of office furniture items which can help businesses to stay organised and ahead of their game.

Of course, it is vital that any office workers who spend long periods of time at a desk should be sat on a chair which is the right height for the desk and user and is also comfortable. Using a VDU screen for hours at a time can have implications on posture and eye health, so it’s important that workers have risk assessments carried out to ensure they have the right equipment and everything is adjusted to suit their own size. We offer a range of chairs to suit all budgets, from economy operators chairs to executive chairs which have height adjustable arms as well as back tilt adjustments.

Once the staff are sitting comfortably, it’s time to look at the best places to store the necessary equipment and documents within the office. Most office workers will require a PC but may share a networked printer with a team of colleagues. Have a look at where to store the printer – can it be kept on one person’s desk or should it be kept on a table on its own in case confidential papers are regularly printed out?

Office storage is also important as messy desks can result in paper being misplaced and vital information lost. Anything confidential should be locked away, especially if external visitors often visit the office.

At Discount Office UK we have a wide range of office supplies, both large and small, which can help to keep a business running smoothly. Our prices are highly competitive and we offer some fantastic discounts to both new and existing customers.