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How to Keep Your Office Stationery Supplies Safe

The occasional missing pen or notepad might not be worth your serious attention, however, if you have serial stationery thieves amongst your ranks it could be costing your business valuable time and resources each year.


It’s been found by Office Genie that millions of UK companies are victim to office supply theft, with nearly a quarter of employees stealing from their workplace:


  • Workplace theft is highest in the East of England, with 34% of staff admitting to it.
  • Creative companies – watch out. 45% of employees in the creative sector admitted to stealing items, which makes them the biggest culprits.
  • The top five stolen stationery items are pens, envelopes, Post-Its, markers or highlighters, and sellotape.
  • If caught red-handed 53% of staff believe that they’ll receive a warning from their employer, though 33% believe that there will be no consequences.


Why might people steal from you?


Sometimes office theft isn’t just about needing an extra supply of paper or printing supplies at home. Stationery theft often relates to the employer/employee dynamic as a whole, such as how trusted or valued employees feel. For instance, locking away and restricting stationery supplies to a minimum may create frustration amongst your workforce as it minimises trust. If a member of staff feels underpaid or undervalued, they may resort to behaviours like stealing to gain an upper hand.


What happens if your staff are stealing your supplies?


The Fair Work Act and Fair Work Regulation considers employee theft as a serious misconduct.
Following the National Employment Standards, serious misconduct can be remediated by terminating your employee’s employment without notice. But you may be thinking that stealing 5 pens is far less punishable than thieving £5,000 worth of product, right?
The seriousness of the offence will depend upon many factors, such as the circumstances of the act and what evidence you have; whether this is the employee’s first theft; what level position they are employed in; plus, the possible impacts of the theft on your business.


If it is not a serious misconduct, then there are a few things you could do to remediate the issue. Depending on the circumstance you could offer verbal warning or written warning, or agree on appropriate action according to the terms in their contract.


Preventing stationery theft in the workplace


Regardless of what it is or the amount that has been stolen, theft is still a misconduct and costs a business time and money. In order to prevent workplace theft, you’ll need to clearly set out appropriate policies which are consistently applied:


  • Assess the purchase and distribution process of office supplies to minimise potential for theft. Look at the company spend on office supplies – making set monthly or quarterly orders instead of having an ‘as-and-when’ approach will help you better control costs. Perhaps you may also assign a specific member of staff to purchase office supplies and require employees to sign for particular items.


  • Open engagement with staff by asking them about suggestions for preventing theft. Clearly setting out your expectations and applying procedures fairly will ensure a more trustful relationship.


  • Policies on office theft should be simple, with office supply items listed clearly. State what counts as theft, what measures will be taken if employees are caught stealing, and how employees can report suspected theft confidentially.


  • You may want to limit accessibility to stationery supplies by using locked storage, however remember to be open about your reasons for this action so as not to create frustration among staff.


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Buying Your Office Supplies in Bulk

Keeping an office running smoothly doesn’t just come from hard work and dedication. It also relies on you and your employees having everything that’s needed to hand.

We’re not just talking about pens and paper – some would argue that a steady flow of tea is a key component of a successful day at work.

At Discount Office, we’d like to share the top reasons why you and your staff benefit from buying business supplies in bulk.

  1. There’s always fuel to hand
    First things first, most people like a hot drink when they start their working day. Ensuring you always have enough refreshments to hand means that your employees have the fuel they need to get through their workload.

    Having a stash of snacks always go down well with employees too – but try and stay away from things like sweets and chocolate that will just cause a 3pm energy slump.
    office supplies

  2. Cost savings
    Buying things like paper, toners, and other office products from one supplier and in large quantities can often mean that it works out cheaper. You’ll also avoid unnecessary delivery charges. Need we say more?
  3. Less trips to the shop
    Going back and forth to the shops can be a time consuming exercise, and we’ve all heard the old adage ‘time is money’. By buying a big supply of something means that instead of going shopping once a week, you can spend more time focusing on your business.
  4. You won’t be caught out
    Just imagine – you’re in the final throws of getting together an important pitch document out to a prospective client. It’s 4pm and they need it before lunch the following day. You’ve started printing it, only for your printer to run out of specialist toner. Now what?

    By ensuring that you have stocked up on all your supplies, you’re less likely to be caught out.

  5. Enhanced employee productivity
    When your office has its stationery cupboard filled with the items your employees need to do their job, it increases their productivity. Things like pens and paper are basic items that most staff in an office will need. If you suddenly run out, what will happen then?

    At Discount Office UK, we sell all office related products. From furniture to filing, from computers to cardboard and from projectors to pin boards, we offer low prices every day of the year.

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Stock Up With Office Supplies For The New Year Before You Break Up For Christmas

To avoid shortages in the New Year, it could be a good idea to make sure that you are fully stocked up on all essential office supplies before your business breaks up for Christmas. During the busy New Year period, it could be disastrous to encounter any stationery shortages. Any new orders made could also be delayed or affected by postal service in the hectic beginning of the year.

At Discount Office UK, we can provide all of your office stationery supplies and general office supplies, leaving you fully stocked up until Christmas and fully prepared for the start of a new year’s business. We pride ourselves on being able to provide all the office supplies that a business may need, from pens and pencils, paper, printer toners and cartridges, to office furniture, catering, cleaning and janitorial work. By stocking up on all of your office supplies early, you are then free to focus on your core business come the New Year.

By ordering from Discount Office UK, we have a strong focus on supplying a personal service, ensuring that all of our customer’s needs are fulfilled. We specialise in advising our customers before and after sales, ensuring that they get what they need from us. We are always happy to talk with customers about providing their office supplies for the New Year.

If you are looking to find a new office stationery supplier, now could be the best time. Rather than waiting for the New Year to begin, it could be beneficial for your business to start an account with us before the Christmas break, leaving you free to work on new projects in the New Year without being distracted from the core areas of your business.

At Discount Office UK, we offer all the office stationery supplies and general office supplies from one place at highly competitive prices, meaning that you only need order from one place. This can help save considerable money in terms of delivery costs; necessitating only one shipment.

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Honest Priced, Quality Office Stationery Suppliers In The West Midlands

When looking for a new office stationery supplier, rather than automatically going to the big names; the national and multinational companies, there are a huge number of advantages to using a West Midlands business supplies company to fulfil your office stationery needs. Though big name companies often offer a vast choice of products, at extremely competitive prices, small, local companies have plenty to offer that the stationery giants can’t.

While large chains of office stationery suppliers may have the products that your company needs, your main concern is obviously that your orders can be delivered complete and on time. With so many orders on the books, shipped out nationally and sometimes internationally, it is not uncommon for stationery deliveries to be delayed, incorrect or even accidentally forgotten. When ordering from a local West Midlands business supplies company, you need not have these worries. Local office stationery suppliers have less clients to focus on, and so can concentrate on achieving 100% delivery.

When experiencing delivery problems from a big firm, is can also be very difficult to get through to customer service. You are often treated as nothing more than a number in a que. Local office stationery suppliers are dedicated to being the best in their business in the local area, and so strive to provide unrivalled, honest, friendly and direct customer service. This is includes both excellent pre-sales advice and essential after-sales support. Rather than being transferred to a call centre, dealing with a small West Midlands business supplies company means that you can speak directly to an expert who can immediately do their best to help you.

Large office supply chains simply can’t offer the personal service that local companies can. It is trusted sales advice and post-sale support that small, friendly, family run companies excel in. They win and keep their clients by promising and delivering high quality products at honest prices. While large chain suppliers often stealthily change their prices, local office stationery suppliers offer their best prices upfront.

By settling on a local supplier for your office stationery needs, you can gain the confidence to concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that your stationery supplier is concentrating on their business.

If you would like more information on West Midlands business supplies then feel free to visit