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Useful Tips for Keeping Your Desk Tidy and Organised

In a hectic office environment, it is easy to let things slip and in no time be left with a messy desk. Whilst an untidy desk is often seen as a good sign of creativity, when you are left spending periods of time trying to find lost items rather than being productive, it is time to find a way to keep your desk more organised rather than continuing to build a mountain of paperwork and stationery.

Once you get into a routine, it is quite simple to keep your desk clean and clutter free. Why not try following these useful tips?

First of all, before trying to work out the best way to store your important pens, pencils and bits of paper, it is important to clear the desk completely (except for your computer components, telephone, or anything else that may be plugged in). You can then go about putting things into different piles. If there are things that you no longer need, i.e. out of date documents or notes, bin them to make space for new bits and pieces. For things that do not need to be on your desk when not in use, find somewhere else to tidy them away.

As well as the top of your desk, don’t forget to clear out any draws or shelves and sort them out in the same way.

When beginning to reorganise your desk, prioritise your items by necessity. Make sure to put things that you will need to use on a regular basis within easy reach, and file away things that you are less likely to use very often.

DT9184 desk caddy

DT9184 Contemporary Ice Blue Desk Caddy

Designate a place to keep stationery such as pens, pencils, scissors, USB sticks and other items that you will use daily. A plastic desk caddy offers an excellent solution for keeping your stationery tidy and in good condition. Many desk caddies feature different compartments to keep pens, pencils, or even small notepads separate. By keeping these items together, your desk will be less cluttered.


LT9473 Contemporary Ice Blue Letter Tray

Take a look at your filing system. Are you keeping relevant paperwork and documents together? A plastic letter tray, with two tiers can be used for incoming and outgoing documents, ensuring that they do not get mixed up. By stacking more than one tiered letter tray, you can split documents into numerous categories, so that you can always find what you are looking for.

If you need to access brochures, magazines or reference books on a regular basis, you can keep them tidy and organised by having a magazine file on your desk. AS vertical standing magazine file allows you to read the spine of a book so that you can always find what yopu are looking for without having to route through drawers or piles.

Once you have organised your desk in a way that is tidy, simple and easy to use, it is much easier to keep it that way. Simply tidy your desk to this state at the end of every day.

To find out more about items that can help you co-ordinate your desk, you can visit

Everyday Office Essentials: How Something As Simple As Paper Dividers Can Help You Be More Organised

Subject Dividers

DV1400 Subject Dividers

When working in an office, it is always important to stay organised and to make things as easy for you as possible so you can work more efficiently. Whilst organisation is down to the individual, there are a number of very simple pieces of office stationery that can make a considerable difference in how organised your office is.

No matter what kind of business you work in, it is likely that you will use folders or ring binders to keep together important documents, files or other information. Although this means keeping paperwork and documents together, this does not necessarily mean that they are organised, or that a certain piece of paper would be easy to find. However, a folder can easily be organised simply by adding paper dividers.

If you need to keep a large record of information in a ring-binder, paper dividers or index tabs as they are also known can be used to divide different sections of information. By keeping different sections separated, and relevant pieces of information together, it is much easier to access particular parts of a folder quickly when needs be. By keeping folders organised in such a way, businesses can increase productivity, save time on sourcing information, and therefore save money (remember time is money).

In order to make different sections of a folder easier to differentiate and to make it easier to find specific parts, you can choose multi coloured tabs. Multi coloured tabs make different sections of a folder instantly recognisable as opposed to single coloured tabs which can be more difficult to differentiate at a glance. For a ring-binder folder holding a lot of paper, it makes sense to use multi coloured tabs for easier and quicker reference as it is easier to look for a colour than to read small writing on each tab.

When buying paper dividers, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Firstly, paper weight is important; the heavier the paper you choose, the more durable it will be in a frequently used binder. It will also be less likely to rip out due to the weight of a heavy, full folder. It is also important to look at the holes punched into paper dividers. As well as multi coloured tabs, multi punched tabs can also be found so that they fit into all types of binders.

For paper dividers and other office stationery that can help you to keep organised, you can visit the Discount Office UK website.

Everyday Office Essentials: First Aid Kit

In order to comply with government HSE requirements, all employers have a responsibility to make sure that all of their employees have access to instant attention should they fall ill or suffer from an injury in the work place. The level of first aid arrangements that must be put into place will differ dependent on how risky a workplace is; how likely is it that a member of staff will be injured or taken ill at work?

For a low risk environment such as a small office, HSE code of practice states that the minimum requirements are that a workplace should have a suitably stocked first aid kit for all likely workplace injuries, and a member of staff that is appointed and trained as a first aider. A first aid kit should always contain sufficient quantities of standard first aid materials as well as any extra materials that may be required for particular workplace circumstances.

According to the government health and safety authority, HSE, a standard first aid box should contain the following:

  • A guidance leaflet giving general and basic advice on first aid
  • 2 eye pads
  • 2 triangular bandages
  • 6 safety pins
  • 2 large un-medicated wound dressings
  • 6 medium un-medicated dressings
  • gloves
  • 20 sterile plasters

In a small office, a well-stocked first aid kit is every bit as much of an everyday essential as pens, paper and other stationery supplies. An office’s first aid box must be constantly restocked, much in the same way that stationery supplies are, however, this is essential in order to comply with government standards.

As a first aid kit is just as important on a daily basis as other office supplies, it is important to be able to order a fully stocked HSE compliant first aid dispenser just as you would with general office supplies. At Discount Office UK, we pride ourselves in providing a completely HSE compliant first aid kit that is suitable for up to 10 people, exceeding the minimum approved code of practice. Recommended for retail at £19.99, the Initiative First Aid Dispenser is available from Discount Office UK at the special offer of £15.99.

First Aid Kit FA6791

Initiative First Aid Kit FA6791

For more information on health and safety compliant first aid kits and other office essentials, you can contact Discount Office UK on 0800 298 57 42.

Why Honesty Is Always Our Policy When It Comes To Your Office Stationery Supplies

It is not uncommon for office stationery retailers to use tactics like offering low prices for goods that they do not currently have in stock, simply to gain the interest of potential customers and lure them in to the rest of the site. In addition to this, many stationery firms will also offer very low prices to new customers, whilst increasing prices for existing customers to make up for the losses of lowering prices.

At Discount Office UK, we are honest about our stationery. We do advertise our low prices, however, our products are in stock, and our prices remain the same whether our customers are brand new or have been getting their supplies from us for a long time. Rather than hooking customers in with clever price reductions, we simply offer our best price to all customers or potential customers.

We believe that just as important as offering customers competitive and fair prices for their office stationery supplies, is providing a friendly, professional, honest and transparent service. With nearly twenty years of experience in the office supplies business, we still pride ourselves on giving a personal and knowledgeable service. If ever you have any questions or are in need of advice about a certain product or line of products, we will be happy to help.

We offer a vast array of office stationery, from pens and pencils, filing goods, to office furniture, all of which we can guarantee are offered at our lowest possible price. By coming to us to supply all of your stationery needs, you can stand to save money by having fewer suppliers to manage, and therefore fewer shipping costs. A greater advantage of turning to one company to provide all of your office supplies is that all items will arrived at the same time if they are in the same order.

If you would like to learn more about what office stationery and supplies we have to offer, you can visit

Things You Didn’t Know About Office Stationery

Understandably, office stationery isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fun facts and trivia, but even the most mundane and everyday items can have an interesting fact or story behind them – even your office supplies. Pens and pencils had to come from somewhere.

  • In most offices, paper is used in some form every day. What many people don’t know is that paper was said to have been developed in China by Cai Lun, a eunuch of the Han Court during the early years of the second century AD. However, the earliest found fragments of paper as opposed to papyrus derive from the second century BC, also in China. In the modern day world, China is the global leading producer of paper, with the United States of America in second place.
  • The modern legal pad evolved in the early twentieth century after a Judge asked for a margin to be drawn onto the left hand side of his paper, thus becoming the first legal pad as we know today, commonly found as a part of almost all business’s office supplies.
  • The first known stapler was made for King Louis XV of France in the eighteenth century and every staple was etched with the insignia of the royal court. During the nineteenth century, as the use of paper increased massively, the demand for an efficient form of paper fastener grew, leading to the stapler growing in popularity. In 1866, American George McGill created a patented precursor to the modern paperclip, with fellow America Henry R. Heyl creating the first machines to insert and clinch a staple in one step ten years later.
  • The pencil was created in the sixteenth century after a huge deposit of solid graphite was discovered in Cumbria. As this form of graphite was extremely solid, it could easily be sawn in to sticks and used to mark things. The first wood encased pencils date back to around 1560.
  • Before the rubber eraser was invented, many people used crusts of bread or breadcrumbs to remove pencil markings from paper. An English engineer named Edward Nairne is credited with creating and developing the first widely sold and marketed rubber eraser, after mistakenly picking up a piece of rubber instead of breadcrumbs and discovering its effective erasing properties.

If you have any more interesting facts or anecdotes about office stationery or wish to find honest priced office supplies, then why not contact us at Discount Office UK.

Why Pen & Paper Will Always Be an Essential Part of Your Office Supplies

In 2014, in an increasing number of office environments, tablets and smartphones are beginning to be seen as office necessities. In a modern office environment, a lot of business can be completed via a touch screen device such as a tablet or smartphone; emails, calendar entries, social media, even industry specific applications can be accessed. Not to mention, with the internet more readily available than ever due to these mobile devices, anything that we want to know is expected to be no more than a couple of clicks (or touches) away. Yet, with all of this technology at our fingertips, pen and paper remain amongst our top office supplies.

Whilst technology moves at an astonishing speed, constantly being updated and replaced to make way for something new and better, pen and paper have been around for thousands of years, since as early as Ancient Egyptian times when people scribed hieroglyphics onto papyrus manuscripts. Unlike computer operating systems, or android devices, office stationery likes pens and paper do not become outdated.

Amongst all currently essential office stationery and supplies, pen and paper are probably some of the only items that will not go out of fashion. Although computers, tablets and even phones can provide us software for making notes, such as notepad, or Microsoft Word, most people still seem to prefer jotting important notes, dates and bits of information down on a trusty pad of paper with their favourite biro or fountain pen.

With a paper copy to-do list in front of us, things seem more official and are harder to forget. It could be argued that people do not choose to note down their to-do lists using technology because there is still an element of distrust in technology; people trust themselves more to get things done if there is solid, paper proof in front of them. Even people that do regularly use their smartphone or tablet to manage tasks and events will likely have written them down somewhere too.

It can be argued that a pen and a piece of paper are the most essential of office supplies. If all technology spontaneously failed to function, pen and paper would still be able to do their job, so at least some work could get done, even if it was making notes, a draft, or a list of things that will need to be done.

Sometimes, it just feels good to physically write things down.

If you are in need of pens, paper or any other form of office supplies, you can visit Discount Office UK and browse our full range of office stationery supplies.

Stock Up With Office Supplies For The New Year Before You Break Up For Christmas

To avoid shortages in the New Year, it could be a good idea to make sure that you are fully stocked up on all essential office supplies before your business breaks up for Christmas. During the busy New Year period, it could be disastrous to encounter any stationery shortages. Any new orders made could also be delayed or affected by postal service in the hectic beginning of the year.

At Discount Office UK, we can provide all of your office stationery supplies and general office supplies, leaving you fully stocked up until Christmas and fully prepared for the start of a new year’s business. We pride ourselves on being able to provide all the office supplies that a business may need, from pens and pencils, paper, printer toners and cartridges, to office furniture, catering, cleaning and janitorial work. By stocking up on all of your office supplies early, you are then free to focus on your core business come the New Year.

By ordering from Discount Office UK, we have a strong focus on supplying a personal service, ensuring that all of our customer’s needs are fulfilled. We specialise in advising our customers before and after sales, ensuring that they get what they need from us. We are always happy to talk with customers about providing their office supplies for the New Year.

If you are looking to find a new office stationery supplier, now could be the best time. Rather than waiting for the New Year to begin, it could be beneficial for your business to start an account with us before the Christmas break, leaving you free to work on new projects in the New Year without being distracted from the core areas of your business.

At Discount Office UK, we offer all the office stationery supplies and general office supplies from one place at highly competitive prices, meaning that you only need order from one place. This can help save considerable money in terms of delivery costs; necessitating only one shipment.

To make an office supplies order in time for the Christmas and New Year period, feel free to visit

Honest Priced, Quality Office Stationery Suppliers In The West Midlands

When looking for a new office stationery supplier, rather than automatically going to the big names; the national and multinational companies, there are a huge number of advantages to using a West Midlands business supplies company to fulfil your office stationery needs. Though big name companies often offer a vast choice of products, at extremely competitive prices, small, local companies have plenty to offer that the stationery giants can’t.

While large chains of office stationery suppliers may have the products that your company needs, your main concern is obviously that your orders can be delivered complete and on time. With so many orders on the books, shipped out nationally and sometimes internationally, it is not uncommon for stationery deliveries to be delayed, incorrect or even accidentally forgotten. When ordering from a local West Midlands business supplies company, you need not have these worries. Local office stationery suppliers have less clients to focus on, and so can concentrate on achieving 100% delivery.

When experiencing delivery problems from a big firm, is can also be very difficult to get through to customer service. You are often treated as nothing more than a number in a que. Local office stationery suppliers are dedicated to being the best in their business in the local area, and so strive to provide unrivalled, honest, friendly and direct customer service. This is includes both excellent pre-sales advice and essential after-sales support. Rather than being transferred to a call centre, dealing with a small West Midlands business supplies company means that you can speak directly to an expert who can immediately do their best to help you.

Large office supply chains simply can’t offer the personal service that local companies can. It is trusted sales advice and post-sale support that small, friendly, family run companies excel in. They win and keep their clients by promising and delivering high quality products at honest prices. While large chain suppliers often stealthily change their prices, local office stationery suppliers offer their best prices upfront.

By settling on a local supplier for your office stationery needs, you can gain the confidence to concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that your stationery supplier is concentrating on their business.

If you would like more information on West Midlands business supplies then feel free to visit