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Why Pen & Paper Will Always Be an Essential Part of Your Office Supplies

In 2014, in an increasing number of office environments, tablets and smartphones are beginning to be seen as office necessities. In a modern office environment, a lot of business can be completed via a touch screen device such as a tablet or smartphone; emails, calendar entries, social media, even industry specific applications can be accessed. Not to mention, with the internet more readily available than ever due to these mobile devices, anything that we want to know is expected to be no more than a couple of clicks (or touches) away. Yet, with all of this technology at our fingertips, pen and paper remain amongst our top office supplies.

Whilst technology moves at an astonishing speed, constantly being updated and replaced to make way for something new and better, pen and paper have been around for thousands of years, since as early as Ancient Egyptian times when people scribed hieroglyphics onto papyrus manuscripts. Unlike computer operating systems, or android devices, office stationery likes pens and paper do not become outdated.

Amongst all currently essential office stationery and supplies, pen and paper are probably some of the only items that will not go out of fashion. Although computers, tablets and even phones can provide us software for making notes, such as notepad, or Microsoft Word, most people still seem to prefer jotting important notes, dates and bits of information down on a trusty pad of paper with their favourite biro or fountain pen.

With a paper copy to-do list in front of us, things seem more official and are harder to forget. It could be argued that people do not choose to note down their to-do lists using technology because there is still an element of distrust in technology; people trust themselves more to get things done if there is solid, paper proof in front of them. Even people that do regularly use their smartphone or tablet to manage tasks and events will likely have written them down somewhere too.

It can be argued that a pen and a piece of paper are the most essential of office supplies. If all technology spontaneously failed to function, pen and paper would still be able to do their job, so at least some work could get done, even if it was making notes, a draft, or a list of things that will need to be done.

Sometimes, it just feels good to physically write things down.

If you are in need of pens, paper or any other form of office supplies, you can visit Discount Office UK and browse our full range of office stationery supplies.

Stock Up Your Workplace With Office Supplies In 2014

If your New Year’s resolution is never to run out of pens then you have come to the right place.  Stocking up on your office stationery might seem like the last thing on your mind in the run up to Christmas but when you get back to work in January and there is nothing to write on or with, you’ll be sorry!

If you wanrecycled office papert to make 2014 the year your business goes Green then using recycled paper products could be the best place to start.  Recycled paper can be used for general purposes such as in the photocopier or for writing on and it is also suitable for use in a laser or inkjet printers.  You can also buy recycled pens, made from 100% recycled plastic and just as durable and pleasant to write with as any other ballpoint pen.

ring binders


Once the paper and pens are sorted it’s time to start thinking about the archiving and filing so materials that are not needed on a daily basis can be stored away neatly but in such a way that they can be easily found if required.  Storage materials can include a wide range of products such as ring binders, document wallets and archive boxes – all useful materials even in offices that rely heavily on digital media to get their work done.

No office can function these days without computer supplies and peripherals so when stocking up on your paper supplies this year remember to also keep a good supply of mice, mouse mats, laser toners and inkjet cartridges.

If you are likely to be entertaining this year or just want to keep the staff happy then ensuring a good supply of catering and cleaning supplies is vital to a harmonious workplace.  Whilst ordering your office supplies, stationery and technology peripherals it is also possible to pick up tea, coffee and janitorial supplies.

At Discount Office we offer all of the above and many more categories of office supplies including office furniture so why not visit our website and get your office stocked up ready for a busy year at work?

Stock Up With Office Supplies For The New Year Before You Break Up For Christmas

To avoid shortages in the New Year, it could be a good idea to make sure that you are fully stocked up on all essential office supplies before your business breaks up for Christmas. During the busy New Year period, it could be disastrous to encounter any stationery shortages. Any new orders made could also be delayed or affected by postal service in the hectic beginning of the year.

At Discount Office UK, we can provide all of your office stationery supplies and general office supplies, leaving you fully stocked up until Christmas and fully prepared for the start of a new year’s business. We pride ourselves on being able to provide all the office supplies that a business may need, from pens and pencils, paper, printer toners and cartridges, to office furniture, catering, cleaning and janitorial work. By stocking up on all of your office supplies early, you are then free to focus on your core business come the New Year.

By ordering from Discount Office UK, we have a strong focus on supplying a personal service, ensuring that all of our customer’s needs are fulfilled. We specialise in advising our customers before and after sales, ensuring that they get what they need from us. We are always happy to talk with customers about providing their office supplies for the New Year.

If you are looking to find a new office stationery supplier, now could be the best time. Rather than waiting for the New Year to begin, it could be beneficial for your business to start an account with us before the Christmas break, leaving you free to work on new projects in the New Year without being distracted from the core areas of your business.

At Discount Office UK, we offer all the office stationery supplies and general office supplies from one place at highly competitive prices, meaning that you only need order from one place. This can help save considerable money in terms of delivery costs; necessitating only one shipment.

To make an office supplies order in time for the Christmas and New Year period, feel free to visit

3 For 2 On Selected Thermal Rolls From Discount Office UK

As a local, family run office supplies business based in the West Midlands, we pride ourselves on being honest in offering our customers our best prices, rather than practicing in perception selling or stealthily increasing our prices. At Discount Office UK, we do what we can to help small businesses stay afloat and organised by helping them to stay stocked up in office supplies.

In a time when more and more people pay for products or services using a credit or debit card, rather than a cash or cheque payment, it is important for businesses to have enough thermal rolls in stock to cater for demand for receipts for both customer as well as finance records. At Discount Office UK, we are currently offering a 3 for the price of 2 on selected thermal rolls for PDQ machines, cash registers and adding machines.

Our thermal rolls are supplied in packs of 20 rolls helping businesses to have sufficient stock to suit demand. With our products priced at up to 77% below their recommended retail price, Discount Office UK thermal rolls are extremely competitively priced. With these low prices combined with a 3 for the price of 2 offer on selected rolls, small businesses can stand to save a lot of money on high demand items such as thermal rolls.

We can cater for most small business’s demands for thermal rolls and other cheap office supplies due to our vast range of products. We supply a wide variety of thermal rolls for most cash registers and credit card or PDQ machines; we stock a large number of different sized thermal rolls in order for businesses to find the right size for their till or payment appliance.

For companies that need help or advice in purchasing thermal rolls, at Discount Office UK we aim to give customers complete confidence in their purchase and are proud to offer the very best in pre-sales advice and service. Though it is our aim for all of our customers to be completely satisfied, we are always on hand to give after-sales support and deal with any queries.

Quality With Value For Money

The next time you place an order for cheap stationary for your office or home-based business, spare a thought for the peddlers and craftsmen who would have spent hours out in all weather conditions to sell such items at fairs and gatherings during the medieval period.

In the pre-printing era, all documents were hand written and it is during the ‘manuscript culture’ of the 13th -15th centuries that we find evidence of the term ‘stationery’ being used.  At this time, the writing of manuscripts was the only method of recording and disseminating information and scribes would need to get their materials from somewhere.

A ‘stationer’ was probably given that name because his book shop was in a fixed spot, often close to a university where the writing and trading of manuscripts was regulated.  He would also be responsible for deciding which books would be popular and arranging to copy the texts.

Whilst looking through your cheap office stationery you will no doubt come across the post-it notes, printer inks, staplers and glue but the early stationer’s primary role was to source, copy and sell books.

Stationers, as we now think of them, first came around from the late 17th century, at a time when the elite members of European society began to see the importance of sending handwritten invitations and announcements of social occasions.

To indicate their social status and level of education, people would send handwritten announcements.  Even after industrialisation drove down the cost of printing in the 19th century, they would have considered themselves to be doing the ‘proper’ thing by personalising invitations.

Cheap office stationery is a must for every business, after all you are making your own very important announcements to the world each time you print off a sales letter, compile a report or send an email.

Today, cheap stationary suppliers have adapted their selling tactics in order to compete with the increasing power of electronic media.  Their product ranges have increased to include personal electronic equipment, computer software and hardware and office machinery.  All good suppliers will also have websites where customers can order directly online.

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