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It’s definitely time to choose your corporate Christmas cards

As we are now firmly into November it is time to think about Christmas. After all, the shops have already started playing the usual Christmas songs and have been fully decorated with tinsel and fairy lights for weeks. In the office Christmas means a few extra things have to be considered along with your normal day to day business. These include the following:

• Your corporate Christmas cards
• Decorating the office
• The office party (although hopefully someone has already organised this one!)
• Deciding the office opening hours and staff cover

At Discount Office UK we can help you with at least one of these tasks. With years of experience we can help you choose the right seasonal cards for your business and produce quality, bespoke overprinted cards that can be sent out with plenty of time to spare. All you need to do is think about the type of card you want. For example you may want a traditional image that everyone can identify with – a snow filled scene, or maybe something humorous, or perhaps something with a message as the image itself such as “Season’s Greetings” or “Merry Christmas”.


Once the image for the front of the card is selected then it is time to agree on your message. Many businesses stick with a theme of thanking their customers and wishing them a prosperous and joy-filled New Year, or something along those lines. This is usually followed with a thank you from a department, or the whole business itself, which can be signed, as needed, by individuals. Of course you will need to use your record keeping systems to order precisely the right quantity of cards that you require. No one wants to end up with extra boxes of cards lying around the office!

If you are ready to order your corporate Christmas cards this month then then give us a call at Discount Office UK on 0800 298 57 42

Bespoke, Personalised Christmas Cards from Discount Office UK

If you are looking to send out bespoke, personalised Christmas cards this year, but are looking to save money, Discount Office UK can provide the ideal solution.

In the days before the digital printing press was widely available and all cards were printed offset, the only way to personalise the front of a Christmas card was to overprint a stock Christmas card design with a personalised message. For corporate Christmas cards, a popular method was to choose a selection of pre-printed Christmas cards with stock designs and overprint the company name or logo, along with any other important details. Bespoke messages can also be printed for personal cards to be sent to friends and family members.

In the past, overprinted cards were most commonly printed with a bright colour foil to make personalised messages shimmer and stand out from the stock card. However, this method does have its limitations. In recent years, as computer design has become easier and more accessible, company logos and fonts for messages have become more impressive and complex. This can be a problem for traditional foil overprinting. Foils always looks two dimensional, even for complex logos; in some cases, more complicated designs can be left looking distorted and an ineffective. Many designs simply can’t be replicated as foils don’t allow for changes in colour or gradient.

As printing technology has advanced considerably, the digital printing press now plays a key role in creating bespoke Christmas cards. For a cost effective solution, rather than creating personalised Christmas cards from scratch, digital printing presses can overprint special personal or corporate messages onto stock cards.

Corporate Christmas cards can be a highly effective way of keeping your brand in the mind of your clients, as well as creating the potential for winning new clients if your branding catches their eye. Not only are bespoke corporate Christmas cards an effective form of marketing, but they are also relatively cheap, with the potential for an excellent return on investment.

Call Discount Office UK today on 0800 298 57 42 to discuss your Christmas card requirements and we will be happy to create the ideal bespoke solution for you.