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Make a Difference – Use Environmentally Friendly, Recycled Plastic Pens.

As we learn more and more about global warming, and how the things that we do and the products that we use have an effect on the environment, it is important to do everything we can to help. This means both at home, and in the office environment. In a workplace such as a busy office, it’s really easy to make a lot of waste, whether this be paper, plastic, cups of tea that you don’t drink, or any other materials. By looking to use recycled stationery wherever possible, you will be surprised how much of a difference you can make.

One way to help make a difference is to start using recycled paper in your workplace. For every ton of recycled office paper, approximately 17 trees are saved from being cut down – this is food for thought. By reusing scrap paper to make notes or write down lists and phone numbers, and by using printer and copier paper that is made from recycled fibres, companies can start to make a positive impact.

Whilst recycling paper is very important, it is vital to remember that the use of plastic is also a huge issue. For a start, there is so much of it; in the office, many of the items that we use every day are made from plastic, from ballpoint pens , to filing shelves, rubbish bags, food containers, bottles, and even our computers and desks.

The more plastic we use, the more waste is created. In 1960, plastic made up around 1% of the municipal solid waste stream, whereas in 2008, this figure had jumped to 12%. Whilst some of this plastic is recycled, much of it ends up in landfills. Plastic is not biodegradable, which means it does not rot, and as a result will remain buried in the earth of a landfill site for a very long time. By looking to use recycled plastic products on a day to day basis, we can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

recycled plastic penBy choosing to use products such as 100% recycled plastic ball point pens, companies can start to make a positive impact on the environment. Pens are used on a daily basis in almost every business, so this is an area where you can really look to start helping the environment. As well as putting the used plastic parts of pens in the recycling bin so that they can be used to manufacture something new, you can choose to buy only 100% recycled plastic pens in future if staff are using disposable pens.

Something as simple as switching to recycled plastic pens can help to hugely save natural resources. By recycling plastics, essential resources such as water, petroleum and natural gases can be saved. Making products from recycled plastic is relatively easy, as it takes less energy to melt down used plastic than to make new plastics. In most cases, plastic recycling plants are located nearby to recycling drop off points, meaning that less carbon is emitted through transportation, helping to lessen global warming.

It is worth thinking about the effect that your company could have on the environment by switching to recycled products such as 100% recycled plastic pens. How many disposable pens do you get through in a year? The answer is probably quite a lot in a busy office.

To take a step towards making your office more environmentally friendly, you can visit to find out which recycled stationery products we can provide.