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Top 10 must Have Office Supplies

Desk chairs

Having the right kind of desk chairs for your employees is very important. Your workers are in their seats between 9-5, five days a week, which means that there are bound to be some kind of health implications. So, it’s your duty as the employer to make sure that you provide comfortable seating that provides the right support.

Computer cleaning equipment

Believe it or not, if we were to swab your computer equipment, we can almost guarantee that we’d find all kinds of bacteria. It has even been claimed that some keyboards are dirtier than a toilet!  So stock up on some computer cleaning gear for your employees and make sure they clean equipment regularly.

Ball point pens

Is it just us, or do pens just disappear and at the most inconvenient time? You can never have enough pens, so make sure your stationary cupboard is full of them.

Box Files

Keeping organised plays an important role in managing your workload. So, we included box files in this list. Make sure you’re ahead of the game and your work is maintained appropriately.

Letter Trays

Having letter trays at your desk can help improve the quality of your work as well as help you keep organised. In our opinion, they’re an office must have.

Janitorial supplies

Maintaining cleanliness at your office is a legal requirement. So, to make sure you’re able to stay on top of things, have a cupboard full of janitorial supplies, ready for any messy situation.


You can’t have an office without refreshments. Although it may not be against the law, we think it should be! Having tea and coffee during a mundane day really can lift moods and increase motivation. So stock up now.

Notice Board

A notice board is a way to communicate with your employees. Let them know what’s going on in the company, or let them tell you.

Storage boxes

All offices have things they like to store away, so keep it neat, organised and out of the way with a storage box. A necessity for every office.

Memo pads

It goes without saying that memo pads are a basic office necessity. Regardless of offices going paperless, there will always be a need for the old fashioned paper and pen.

To talk to us about your office stationery needs, you can call Discount Office UK today on 0800 298 57 42.

Things to consider when purchasing your stationery

In the UK office supplies are easy to order online or purchase directly. There are many companies that specialise in office equipment and larger items, and many more that deal with the more traditional everyday stuff that we all need to get by when working in an office. Online it is easy to access websites that show a whole host of items. Many companies continue to send out catalogues and these remain as popular as ever. Stationery can then be delivered by a reputable delivery agent or partner, or the firm itself may do its own deliveries. Local based firms tend to operate in this way.

For medium to larger sized companies there are often staff whose sole job it is to oversee and maintain the stationery needs of the company. In smaller companies it can be a small but vital part of one person’s job. Whoever is ordering your stationery, they need to be making the best and most cost effective choices. When ordering stationery supplies UK based companies need to consider savings that can be made by purchasing in bulk versus the costs of storage and cash outlay. It is also important to consider the transparency of a company’s pricing policy as some companies operate stealthy price increases. Many companies now make a price promise. However, you need to ensure you are regularly checking that their prices are indeed the best, and claiming back the difference if not. It is also beneficial if your office stationery suppliers have a good pre and post sales customer support policy.

It is no longer enough to order just what you need, when you need it as many companies make special offers that you need to take advantage of. Some operate BOGOF pricing or two for the price of one, or three for two offers. If you can accommodate storing more than you need, it is worth taking advantage of these offers. These are just some of the things you need to consider when purchasing your stationary and office equipment!